city cycling shoes

You love cycling round town, but you want shoes that are more street chic that sportive. We can help. These women's City Cycling Shoes are perfect for spinning about town, then popping to work, to the bar, or just heading out about town. Whether you want to clip in or just want a shoe that looks beautiful and is designed to cope with traveling by bike, we've got it covered.

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[part title="DZR Jetlag Pigeon Clipless Shoes"]

DZR jetlag pigeon

DZR Jetlag Pigeon Clipless Shoes

We love the casual style of these shoes. They're slip-ons, and they work with any system that uses a two bolt cleat, like Shimano, Crank Brothers and ATAC Time. DZR have also given the shoe a slightly stiffened sole, which makes them comfortable for riding in.

Price: RRP £79.99

Colours: Grey (pictured) and Black

Sizes: EU 37 - 41 (approx. UK 4 - 8)

More info: DZR, Mission Workshop

[part title="Tracey Neuls Fern Bike Reflector Grey"]

Tracey Neuls Cycling Shoes

Tracey Neuls Fern Bike Reflector Grey

A designer leather high-heel shoe you can cycle in? Surely not! Shoe designer Tracey Neuls has turned her hand to developing a range of cycling friendly shoes that look anything but utilitarian. Beautiful grey leather looks stylish for work or the bar, and the rubber sole grips perfectly on pedals, with a discreet reflector along the length the of the heel for added visibility on the road.

Colour: Grey

More info: Tracey Neuls

Price: £250

[part title="DZR Link Women's SPD Shoes"]

DZR link shoe

DZR Link Women's SPD Shoes

We love a hi-top trainer, and these ones comes compatible with two bolt cleats so you can spin round town then head to the bar in one smooth, stylish transition.

DZR do some very stylish shoes, so we couldn't resist popping a second pair onto the list! The recessed cleat means walking isn't a problem, and the lace fastening is complemented with a velcro strap that adds stability.

Price: £89.99

Size: EU 37 to 41 (approx. UK 4 - 8)

More info: DZR Shoes, Always Riding

[part title="Giro Civilia Women's Cycling Shoe"]

Giro Civilia Shoes

Giro Civilia Women's Cycling Shoe

These smart shoes have a cool bowling-shoe type styling, with a black leather upper and contrasting light blue laces and grip patches on the sole. The cleats sit recessed so you can walk normally, and the shoes take two bolt cleats. With looks like these, we can see them working perfectly in a casual or smart casual office, or with jeans.

Check our review of them here.

Price: RRP £129.99

Sizes: EU 36 - 41 (Approx. UK 3 - 8)

More info: Giro

[part title="Chrome SPD Truk Pro Shoe"]

Chrome truk shoe

Chrome SPD Truk Pro Shoe

A lightweight canvas shoe, the Chrome SPD Truk Pro has a duel density 'FlexPlate Technology' which makes them comfortable for walking in but gives stiffness when pedaling.

Most two-bolt cleats can be installed, and will sit in the recessed area on the sole. There are also reflective details on the heel to help give you that little bit more visibility on the road.

They are also made of rubber and cordura, with no leather involved.

Price: £96

Sizes: EU 41 - 47

More info: Chrome Industries

[part title="Any shoe you like, with Retrofitz"]

Retrofitz shoe converters

Any shoe you like, with Retrofitz

Don't fancy any of the previous offering? Prefer to wear your own trainers? No worries! Retrofitz are a nifty invention that mean you can transform pretty much any trainer into a clipless cycling shoe.

They come built into a plate that adds stiffness to the sole, and bumpers either side mean the cleat is protected from the floor, and you'll still be able walk.

The downside is that currently you have to have them shipped over from the US, although they also have a selection of trainers already converted with the Retrofitz if you don't fancy doing it yourself.

Price: $70 ($50 for the DIY kit + $20 international shipping)

More info: Retrofitz

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