Brompton Bikes are famed for their folding capabilities. Perfect for city and urban riders who'd rather take their bike with them, instead of leaving it locked up outside.

Reviewed: Brompton's M6L Folding Bike

When a new bicycle concept is born and developed, sacrifices have to be made and in the case of the Brompton folding bike, that sacrifice was a bottle cage. Believe it or not, until now there hasn't been any easy way to attach a water bottle to a Brompton due to a standard cage being unable to conform to the folding properties of the bike.


However, a solution has been found. Cycling accessories manufacturer, Free Parable has developed a cage and clip device which secures a standard size water bottle, or even flask, onto your Brompton bicycle.

The Monkii Clip B is paired with a Monkii cage to overcome waterbottle-gate. Fixed to the bike with two bolts, the Monkii Clip B is essentially a mount for the bottle cage or any other of the Monkii accessory range. It's been designed to comfortably fit on the Brompton's steerer tube.


The Monkii Clip B mount is so discreet and slim that it doesn't need to be removed when folding down your bicycle. Easy peasy...

You can purchase the Monkii Clip B here for £18 and if you want to couple it with a Monkii bottle cage, you can get that in a number of colours here for £18 also.