We hate to see it happen, but the days are drawing in shorter and that can only mean one thing... Christ... Nah, we won't go there just yet. However, it does mean that commuting to and from work will soon require you to keep visible and one way to do this is with a great pair of bike lights.

7 of the Most common bike light mistakes

The Australian cycling component brand, Knog, has developed a sterling reputation for manufacturing affordable, convenient and brightly coloured accessories, from bike locks to bike lights. The latest creation added to their repertoire is a set of bike lights which use PWR modular technology.


So what is PWR? We found out... "PWR is an ecosystem of bike and outdoor products that use the same battery. Just like modular power tools such as Ryobi ONE+, once you get your hands on one battery, you can power each bike lighthead. But more than that, each battery in the system works as a power bank to charge other devices and other PWR products in the future. Change the lighthead to be brighter. Change the battery to go longer. Charge your devices to do more."

You can see the full range of new bike lights from Knog over on their website here. You can also watch the short video below for more information.