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You can store it under your desk at work, on your bookshelf at home, above your head on the train and hold it in your hands on the tube; the folding bike has revolutionised daily commuting.

Running up and down platforms looking for the bike carriage and avoiding certain underground lines that don't allow bikes on board can all become distant memories if you get yourself one of these.

Folding bikes may have been around for decades but they are in the prime of their popularity today. With dozens of brands, hundreds of designs and an abundance of colours to choose from, the days of folding bikes being considered 'uncool' are long gone.

Here are ten fantastic folding finds that you could call your own for less than a grand. And with our cheapest coming in at just £575, these bikes don't cost anything in comparison to an annual London travelcard.


A folding bike that can handle rough terrain, the Montague Paratrooper Pro can double up as your off-road weekend bike as well as serving all of your commuting needs.

Finished in a matte black and available in three sizes, the Paratrooper Pro is durable, lightweight and comfortable.

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airnimal joey

The narrow, lightweight tyres make it perfect for both city and country lanes riding and a set of mudguards and a rear rack can easily be fitted for commuting needs.

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moulton tsr 2

Choose between a bright tangerine orange or a sophisticated black when ordering a Moulton TSR 2 Chain Drive.

Ideal for commuting and city riding, the Sturmey-Archer kick-shift two-speed gear with an integrated back-pedal brake allows for easy cruising and effortless cycling.

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brompton S3L

Quick and stable on the roads, it comes with Brompton mudguards as standard so it is ready to be ridden no matter what the weather.

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dahon mu

It has an adjustable handle post to suit riders' varying heights and builds, and powerful v-brakes for safe, immediate braking.

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Brompton M1E

Despite being a single speed bike, it's still more than possible to rack up some speed on city flats with the Brompton M1E 2014. Available in just one size, the M1E follows a simple, elegant and fully functional design.

It's incredibly light and super quick to fold away making it an ideal commuter's bike.

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dahon visc

With eighteen speeds the Dahon Visc P18 2014 can be used for commuting, keeping fit and leisurely country side cycles. Complete with Dahon high pressure tyres and a comfortably soft saddle, this bike can handle mixed terrains without causing discomfort to the rider.

Available in one size with a yellow and white frame, it has a young, cool design.

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montague boston

Although it may not look it, the Montague Boston 21" certainly is a folding bike. Its clean-cut, classic design is both lightweight and stylish and it can be folded away for easy carrying in no time at all.

With just one speed it can take some pedal power to make it up hills but for flat city riding it's flawless.

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Foldable in under ten seconds, the Kansi 3twenty 2013 is perfect for those who are often rushing around and in a hurry. It's low maintenance, powerful and agile and with three speeds it can manage the odd hill as well as hurtling along traffic-free flats.

The Kansi is available in one size in grey and white or just grey.

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tern verge

The cheapest of our ten, the Tern Verge Duo 2012 is certainly good value for money. An ideal city bike, the smooth and effortless automatic two-speed shifting aids fast acceleration.

It may not fold away quite as tiny as some of the more expensive options but for a folding bike it's certainly quick.

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