Bike theft

As a cyclist you should be aware of what you can do in order to prevent bike theft from happening to you, but if you're feeling a bit rusty, check out: 6 of the Most Common Reasons Why our Bikes Get Stolen

But what do you do if it does happen and your bike is taken?

You can either take things into your own hands or leave it and purchase a new bike. For some people the latter is the quickest and easiest thing to do, but if you want to take action, here are a few pointers...

  1. Report it to the police. Make sure to provide them with as much information as possible, including an image of your bike, its serial number, a receipt if possible and any distinguishing features.
  2. List your bike as stolen. Good sites for this are Stolen Bikes and Bike Register.
  3. Insurance. If your bike was insured contact them immediately or within 24 hours.
  4. Check online. Have a look on Gumtree and ebay to see whether your bike has been listed for sale. The listing description will most likely look quite dodgy without much information of the bike's features.
  5. Make alerts. You can create alert searches easily on ebay and Gumtree to email you daily with listings of products that match your search. If you think you have found your bike, contact the police.
  6. Let people know. Create adverts on social media, bike theft forums and local bike shops.
  7. Kryptonite locks. As well as being one of the best bike lock brands in the market, they also offer an Anti-Theft Protection Offer.
  8. Borrow a friend's spare bike for the time being. If you haven't got a spare one.

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