What you wear on your noggin can be a struggle style wise on the bike, because let's face it, a helmet's primary job is to keep you safe and not to make you look your best.

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Belle Helmets are one of many brands that are here to solve this problem, making high quality helmets for urban riding, with beautiful designs to set you apart from the crowd.

Their helmets are one of a kind, hand painted ink and acrylic shells that have been sealed with a UV protective varnish to ensure no scratches or water cause any damage.

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We are in love with each of their unique, artistic designs which look like little works of art to be worn on your head. And it comes to no shock that the company was founded by a visual artist who hand paints each one.

With different price points for each design, we must warn you that they don't come at a cheap price. Here are a few of our favourite helmets of theirs, would you wear any of these bold designs?


Probably our favourite on the list, this one will really take you back to your childhood, to the iconic land of Super Mario!

Price: £203.00, available from BelleHelmets.


Inspired by the mosaics of Alhambra, a beautiful Spanish palace, we think this one's got a rather nice art deco element to the design.

Price: 193.00, available from Belle Helmets.


How realistic is this? Guaranteed to turn heads wherever you ride, we can't stop staring at this one.

Price: £194.00, available from Belle Helmets.


We're not sure how many riders would rock around with a giraffe skin helmet, but the design itself is very impressive.

Price: £112.00, available from Belle Helmets.


Conquer the bad weather in style ladies! It's hard to think how long this one would have taken to hand paint...

Price: £132.00, available from Belle Helmets.