The number of people hopping on two wheels and riding their bikes is growing all the time. With the cost of transport and volume of congestion rising, more cyclists are commuting to work on a daily basis.

Organisations and local governments have been hard at work to accommodate the growing number of bicycles on the road. Improved cycle networks, public lock-ups and city bike rentals have been popping up in the majority of cities across the UK.

10 Things we wish drivers understood about cycling

Investment in cycling is great to see - and there are some cycle lanes across the country that have revolutionized travelling by bike in a very good way. But anyone who has used the cycling infrastructure available will know it's not all created equally. We understand city planners have restrictions and obstacles to overcome when designing cycle lanes. However, we've come across some truly shocking examples of bike lanes which look like they were designed by someone on the come down after a very heavy night.

Here are some of the worst...

1) Stating the obvious


2) The never ending dismount


Great if you want to practise your cyclo-cross skills.

3) Bunny hop practise


Unless you have jumping skills like Danny MacAskill, this bike path seems more suited for hurdlers. Learn how to bunny hop like a pro here.

4) A good place for a lie down


5) Hone in your dodging skills


6) "Watch for bikes", because they'll have to dodge this sign


7 and 8) A snug fit, and the gut-buster


9) More dodging practise


10) Short and sweet, and utterly ridiculous


11) Bikers vs. Bus-ers


12) Phew! Thank goodness that cycle path was there to...


13) A new cycle challenge perhaps


14) More bunny hop practise


15) "Feel great this summer with" a billboard in your face


16 and 17) Riding the narrow lanes


18) Ideal if you have an emergency


19) Remember to look ahead when cycling


20) Erm, do you even bike?


21) You shall not pass


22) Simple, up a curb and through a metal railing


23) Thank you chevrons for reminding us which direction to travel in


24) and 25) This really stinks


26) This looks fun


27) It was nice while is lasted


When cycle lanes are well designed, they can be great - making riding less scary to beginners, encouraging cycling and thus reducing congestion and poor health. When they're badly designed, they can be dangerous - especially when our not using them can breed hostility from drivers.

So infrastructure designers: when you create a cycling lane, don't do it to tick a box. Create a cycle lane that works, or don't create one at all.

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