Garmin Edge 1000

Thinking about investing in a bicycle computer? Here, we've listed some of the best out there for every budget and requirement. We've got a huge range of machines on this list, that will cater to many different kinds of cyclist. If you're confused about the range, be sure to check out our Buying Guide for Bicycles Computers.

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And of course, if you decide that what you really need is a mount for your smartphone, have a gander at our 10 Best Bicycle Phone Mounts.

B'TWIN DC 4S Wired Computer Cycle Computer

It may only have four functions (speed, partial distance, total distance, clock), but the B'TWIN DC 4S Wired Cycle Computer does those four functions well. It's wired, so interference shouldn't be an issue. Also, but the looks of the comments these things are basically indestructible. If you want the basics, you couldn't do any better than this little machine.

Cateye Strada Cadence Cycle Computer

Cadence sensors are vital for those of you who are bit on turbo training – they allow you to note your cadence and maintain a consist effort throughout a session. The Cateye Strada Cadence Cycle Computer will help you ensure you reach your optimum rpm, with all the normal functions you'd expect from a cyclometer too.

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Cateye Strada Digital 2.4ghz Wireless Speed:HR:Cadence Cycling Computer

A number of Cyclocomputers can read heart rate monitor data like this Bontrager Node 1.1 Computer. And if you already own a heart rate monitor or want to choose a particular brand, then the Bontrager will suit you.

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However, if you want a heart rate monitor and computer in one package, we liked the Cateye Strada Digital 2.4ghz Wireless Speed/HR/Cadence Cycling Computer. Strap yourself in for real time data on your heart rate so you can see just how much effort you're putting in up those inclines!

CycleOps PowerTap Joule 2.0 GPS

Pretty much any metric you can imagine is covered by this CycleOps PowerTap Joule 2.0 GPS. Specifically designed for power training, this computer will be particularly useful if you regularly partake in pro races. Make sure to check out the full spec, but let's just say there are 18 metrics for measurement and full ANT sensor compatibility.

Wahoo Rflkt

Fpr those who want to harness the full capabilities of their smartphone, the Wahoo Rflkt acts more like a mirror display than a cycling computer. It works with apps like Strava to record all the information your phone is recording via its GPS.

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The best part about this approach is the fact that you can control your phone from the display: if you listen to music on training rides, you'll be able to skip through your playlist from the handlebars.

Garmin Edge 200 GPS Cycle Computer

Utilising the power of GPS without the excess baggage of maps, the Garmin Edge 200 GPS Cycle Computer is a great value option for those who want a few more bells and whistles than what's provided by sensor-based computers. As well as all the data you'd expect, it has features like the ability to challenge yourself against a previous time on the same course. You can also download all your mapped training routes to your computer for further analysis.

Garmin Edge Touring Plus GPS

The cheapest of the Sat Nav-style bike computers, the Garmin Edge Touring Plus GPS is a great option for anyone set to conquer Europe and beyond this summer.

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It not only provides directions, it has an altimeter and optional Garmin heart rate monitor integration to ensure you're storing ride-data as well as route info. It also has Points of Interest designed to be helpful for cyclists.

Garmin Edge 1000

Finally, it's the big boy: aka the Garmin Edge 1000. It may have a hefty price tag but if you're about to go round the world with only your steed and some Clif bars, you can't do much better than the Edge 1000.

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A touchscreen makes it easy peasy to use, with the wireless uploads meaning you won't even need to take a USB cable in your panniers. There's also exceptional performance information, with all the data you can expect from cheaper models available at your fingertips, along with unparalleled smartphone integration.

The Mio Cyclo 505 GPS Cycle Computer with UK Maps is of course another good option when it comes to the best of the best, but it tends to get outperformed by the Garmin in the battery-life stakes (which is pretty important when you're cycling across the alps). However, the Mio is great if you want to keep costs down a little more.