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Shimano brought the SPD pedal system to market exactly 25 years ago and since then it has revolutionised the world of cycling shoes and pedals. Today Shimano along with other brands produces ‘clipless’ pedals for road, mountain biking and touring use.

How to: Change your Pedals

We enlisted the help of Mark Greshon, Senior Brand Manager for Shimano at Madison to briefly talk us through the difference between the types of pedals on offer to help you decide on the best clipless pedals for you.

shimano ultergra 109 choosing the right clipless pedal

Most Shimano road pedals are single sided and use the SPD-SL cleat system which is designed to offer a stable platform for maximum power transfer.

Road pedals explained

Generally speaking, the more you spend as you go up the SPD-SL pedal range, the lighter the pedals get and the better the bearing and axle quality gets. Each Shimano road groupset has a specific pedal so often buying decisions are based on buying the matching pedals!

xtr mtb spd xc 99.99 ed choosing the right clipless pedals

For Mountain Bike use, the range is split between XC and Trail. XC pedals have a smaller cage and are lighter whereas Trail pedals have a larger cage which offers a more supportive platform. Which is best depends mainly on riding style.

Pedals: not soft

Again, as you go up the range you get lighter weight and better quality axles and bearings.

Flat vs Clipless Pedals for MTB

PD-R520- 001

For Trekking and leisure use there are several different SPD pedals available but for this type of user. The traditional touring pedal is super popular. But for those who are just starting out, the newest Shimano Click’r pedals might be of interest.

Compared to regular SPD pedals they offer up to 60% less spring tension which means, for first time users, they are much easier to get out of, especially because they are supplied with a multi-release cleat which can unclip from the pedal in three different directions. As Click’r pedals are designed for Trekking and Urban use, they also come with integrated reflectors for added safety.

Shimano Click R Pedals: Perfect for Clipless Pedal Virgins