danny macaskill

We may be a website by women cyclists, for women cyclists, but we can still appreciate the awesomeness of trials cyclist and stunt hero Danny MacAskill. And the fact that he once jumped over us certainly helps too.

Last week he did a gigantic loop-the-loop (five metres!) on a floating barge on the Thames. The stunt itself was pretty awesome, but we're weirdly more fascinated by this new behind-the-scenes video outlining all the logistical preparation that goes into a MacAskill stunt.

The video reveals that 120 tonnes of wood and track material were used in the making of the stunt: that's the weight of 60 black cabs! It took 15 trucks to transport the build into central London from Bedfordshire, before it travelled under 10 Thames bridges. That would have taken quite a bit of tugging, considering the floating island on which the loop-the-loop stood weighed an incredible 1,000 tonnes. That's equivalent to 166 elephants!

Watch the original video here, and the 'Making of' below.