The new bicycle design that has got a lot of people talking.

They brought us Italian Chamois, Bianchi and Mario Cipolloini and now they have graced us with a folding bicycle without spokes or hubs. Named the Sadabike, the new Italian bicycle model has been designed to fold down with ease to the same size of an umbrella (the fancy sized Mary Poppins style ones) and fold straight back into a standard sized bike.

The creator, Gianluca Sada, claims to have been fed up of the poor stability and portability within the standard folding bicycles we are used to using today. And unlike most of the current folding bikes that dominate the market, the Sadabike, hasn’t been stingy on the size of the wheels. The folding bike has 26-inch wheels that don’t look as if they have been mistakingly shrunk and are in proportion with the rest of the elegant bike's frame. However, as you can see this time around the wheels have been made with quite a lot more missing.

Although it does looks like something you would find in a quirky art gallery and not something you would see people whizzing to work in, do you think they gone off the plot or will this be the new cycling craze? Let us know what you think on Twitter.

Here's what has been said so far under the #Sadabike Twitter hashtag.....

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