Jaguar Land Rover have released a new video showing the potential of their new 'Bike Sense' technology. The idea is that the car senses when a cyclist is about to pass before indicating this to the driver via the sound of a bicycle bell and a 'tap' on the shoulder (the top of the car seat extends out).

[related_articles]The company insist this is a better solution than a warning icon, because it's more instinctual. The audio system in the car will make it sound like the bike bell is coming from the speaker in the car nearest the bicycle, meaning the driver will have an idea where the cyclist is approaching from. The tap on the shoulder will prompt the driver to look over that shoulder.

It could also help prevent the ever-dreaded car door crash – if a cyclist is approaching, the car door handle will vibrate and light up. You can see impressions of how this will all work in the video above.

We love the idea of this technology, and Jaguar Land Rover hope to put it into production in the next couple of years. What do you think? Do you hope warning systems like these become standard?