TWC ‘unsung hero’ award winner Kajsa Tylen has officially ridden through the year long ride record set by Billie Fleming in 1938.

TWC Awards 2016: Winners Unveiled

Tylen burst through the 29,604 mile marker yesterday and is aiming to make her way into the Guinness World Record book.

The 38-year-old from Nottingham celebrated the marker with her support crew, over a traditionally British cream tea, as the traditionally British weather raised hell outside.


So far, Tylen has been riding for 330 days, having begun her attempt on January 1 2016. As well as taking on the mega challenge, Tylen is encouraging others to question their own boundaries by making and completing ‘Sweat Pledges’. A Sweat Pledge can be a lifestyle change or specific challenge – you can see the pledges already made here and follow the progress of those taking part on Strava.

Before setting off on her challenge, Tylen, who didn't exercise much until she took up kickboxing aged 26, told us: “It would be great to get people realising that they can do it. If I can help people realise that, it would be great. I have people saying they have started cycling or just getting fitter generally because of what I’m doing. That’s an amazing feeling. It has just captured people’s imaginations, the way it did with me the whole [World] record".

A new women’s mileage record has already been set this year, by Amanda Coker, who reached the record distance after 130 days and is still going. However, Coker’s attempt is being run under the regulations of the under Ultra Marathon Cycling Association – which allows her to draft, something Tylen is not allowed to do.


Tylen still has over a month’s worth of riding to do. With conditions steadily deteriorating, the going is no doubt about to get tougher – but not as tough as Tylen herself.

Check out the celebration video of Tylen and her support crew, recorded soon after she surpassed the record distance...