Herne Hill Velodrome has successfully secured itself a new coffee machine to go with its shiny new pavilion.

Anyone who rides at the velodrome - or follows the feeds of people who do - will have noticed the new pavilion gradually taking shape over the last few months.


During the build, instant coffee and bacon sarnies have been served by dedicated volunteers shivering in the make shift shelter in the car park. Now the pavilion is not far from completion, furniture is being sought: starting with a coffee machine.


With hopeful hearts and pupils shaped like coffee cups, trustees at the 1891 velodrome entered into a deal with software company Azeus Convene. The velodrome and its friends had to gain Azeus Convene 1,500 more Twitter followers, and in return the App developers would donate a £7,000 espresso machine.

The idea was suggested by one of Herne Hill Velodrome's many volunteers - who happens to work at the company. The goal twitter following for Azeus was 1,980. Currently, they've got over 1,700. However, a message on the Friends of Herne Hill Velorome Facebook group reads:

I have just spoken to Azeus Convene's UK Representative: They are very happy with all their new Twitter followers and have agreed to buy us the coffee machine. Hallelujah! Massive thanks to all who followed, retweeted and shared. That coffee is going to taste really good; brewed by cycling-people-power.

The coffee will be provided by Brixton based Volcano Coffee and they'll train up 20 volunteer baristas.

The velodrome offers coached sessions for men, women and children seven days a week, giving riders the chance to improve their cycling, technique and confidence on a daily basis.

Herne Hill really is about more than the concrete track that hosted the Olympics in 1948. It's a facility that teaches children to ride for the first time, nurtures National champions, and supports and encourages cyclists of all levels, all for less than £5 an hour. And now they'll be serving excellent coffee, as well. Check out the site and session calendar here.