Three time under 23 World Champion mountain biker Jolanda Neff not only posts pictures she's taken herself on Instagram, but amazing shots of her in the middle of competition. We particularly love this one, showing off her World Champ stripes!

Skeleton selfie✌️So excited to see an edit I filmed with @kayleyashworth @liammurphy a few weeks back.... Out on Thursday! Everyones favourite Welsh-woman on two wheels, Manon Carpenter has nailed it in 2014 by becoming World Champ and winning at the World Cup. But we love the little moments the most: here she is dressed as a sugar skull for Halloween!

Where are we going now? Cyclocross and costume race in Reno? You got to be kidding me.

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Kateřina Nash is a Czech mountain biker obsessed with her dog. It is the coolest flippin' dog we've ever seen and it looks really awesome in this wig. She also rides like a world-class athelete sometimes. THAT DOG THOUGH.

#offseason #stillfun Wow, way to make us jealous Morgane! Former downhill World Champ, Morgane Charre is a French rider with loads of attitude and a relentlessly inspiring Instagram feed. Must... ride... mountain... now!

Aussie downhill hero Tracey Hannah has been doing some travelling of late, and her Instagram feed is a tribute to all the amazing places she's been. This shot was taken in Indonesia a few weeks ago. We love how impressed the dudes under her wheels look!

Bruises still here from Australia!!!Former junior World Champ and now a Bronze medal winner as an elite downhill mountain biker, Tahnée Seagrave is part of the wave of Brit women dominating competition. She's also good at showing the less glamorous side of being a pro – bruises!

We chose this shot from the incredible Rachel Atherton as it shows her soaking up the atmosphere at this year's Red Bull FoxHunt where she was the fox! We love that she gave more than a hundred women the opportunity to try and beat her down a gigantic hill in Edinburgh. What a cool lady.

We ADORE this photo of American Olympian Lea Davison as she gets involved in a colour ride with young, wannabe mountain bikers. We also think she's a pretty great Instagrammer – she provides us with food and ride inspiration! We will definitely be attempting this Korean bibimbap.

Short rest after some hard intervalls;-)..#training #hardwork #southtirol #sun #home #enjoying #montiggllake

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An Italian multi-disciplinary cyclist, Eva Lechner certainly deserves this little sit down in the beautiful sunshine after a great year of competition. She won silver at the cyclo-cross World Championships and gave a strong showing at the MTB World Championships too.

Who wants to #WIN some of my #annekebeerten Coasters? Perfect to put your beverage on Dutch cyclist Anneke Beerten has been involved with bikes for a long time. She was previously a World Championship BMX rider before deciding to make a go of downhill. Predictably, she was also amazing at that. And we think this shot of her holding coasters with her face on tells us a lot about the dizzying heights of MTB fame!

Surely this photo encaptures the spirit of mountain biking more than any other? Wiltshire born 4X World Champ Katy Curd has totally nailed it with this snap – perhaps the North Wales tourist board should look into getting this as a billboard!

Race run yesterday felt like my arms were gonna pop off.

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This video shot by American mountain biker Lauren Daney really takes you into the heart of the downhill action... what a heart-in-throat moment! Check out the rest of her Instagram feed for a range of hilarious and awesome images of her mucking about with her friends.

Fun times in Les Deux Alpes bikepark today yeeaw Woah! Hannah Barnes is fantastic at being intimidating and incredibly pink at the same time. This Scottish lady certainly knows how to work any shade when she's ripping through an Enduro race. Good Instagramming all round too – we recommend you follow her for beautiful shots of nature both close to home and across the globe.

Let U.S born pro mountain biker Jill Kintner show you how packing is done! Perhaps even better than our mountain biking checklist, this great Instagram shot shows all the necessities that a pro needs when they take to the trails.

I hope you all get the bikes you want this christmas!!! And finally, how could we resist including Mama Marth's AMAZING bicycle biscuits?! Downhill and 4X rider Steffi Marth may be impressive in her own right, but it's her Mum that is after our hearts by creating cycle-themed baked goods. Great job both!

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