As a keen cyclist herself, Kitty says that she loves the small details and behaviours that only cyclists understand and then documenting them in a series of illustrations.

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Some of the cyclist phenomenons that Kitty mentioned included being motivated to do laps around Regents Park before most people are awake and using the term 'bonk' in a very different way to most!

To her other non-rider friends and family, they think illustrating for this audience is niche but Kitty takes another view:

I know it's not. The cycling community is huge, and it's awesome. Women's cycling is so far away from 'pink and shrink it' - every rider I know is a complete superhero.

Kitty wanted to create a series of illustrations that people would display and say - 'Yes I'm a cyclist, and this is what I believe in'.

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Kitty has only started this new range of cycling illustrations recently but found that when she first put these up on her personal instagram, she was humbled at the positive response.

I love when people tag their friends/partners in the comments section.

The ambition is to grow the range and have a full product offering that gives cyclists that feeling of being part of something.

But predominately, Kitty does it for the love of combining her two hobbies - "Hobbies are one of the most important thing to have in you life. If I can create illustrations that represent someone's cycling hobby, I'll be super happy."


We asked Kitty to list all the things that she loves about cycling and that she wants to continue to capture as her collection grows.

"I love all of the obvious things about cycling: the health, fitness, seeing the world, meeting people, transport etc. But I'm also happy to admit the other reasons I ride:

To have a section in my wardrobe that is just for matching lycra

To be able to say 'I'm a cyclist'

To treat coffee as medicine

The pain cave. I know most of us avoid this, but I'm starting to love it more with each hill

For the instagram content - obviously

To be part of the traffic light pelotons

To have an excuse to wear stupid socks

To make amazing weekend plans with incredible company

For the stories you hear whilst in the saddle

You can find Kitty's postcards and collection of cycling photos on instagram and at