Are you tired of your house looking like a bike garage? Want to showcase your steeds in style?

Take a look at these innovative solutions that not only store your bikes but also look good in your home.

1. Trophy: Wild bicycle holders

Remarkably simple, but super stylish and effective.

Trophy design bicycle holders for the home. They've kept it simple by creating an iconic bull head silhouette crafted from solid steel. Winner of Best Product award at Home London 2013, this concept is definitely a winner in our books.

They also produce a Trophy Deer silhouette design, which comes in two finishes, including 'short fur' - almost like the real thing!

Price: From £79

More information: Outline Works Ltd

2. BYografia: The Bookbike


Italian design studio BYografia are responsible for designing this rather resourceful solution. The split sided unit comes complete with adjustable hooks to fit any size bicycle. You can even pick from a variety of colours for the shelving unit, either to match your bike or your decor!

Price: On appplication

More information: BYografia

3. Postfossil: Shoes Books and a Bike


Postfossil, based in Switzerland, have realised the increasing popularity of cycling throughout Europe and have created a design to showcase your wonder machine on a platform. They say that their design "gives your bike the deserved place of honour in the apartment".

Price: Shelf - 880.00 CHF, Clamp - 250.00 CHF, Carpet - 440.00 CHF

More information: Postfossil

4. Knife & Saw: The Bike Shelf


The owners of Knife & Saw created this design after visiting friends' small apartments, noticing there were very few elegant bike management systems on the market. Designed to easily install to wall studs for maximum strength, this bike shelf comes in two sizes.

Price: Varies (with material and size)

More information: Knife & Saw

5. Quarterre: Shadow

In 2010, four friends - exceptional designers and bike fiends - came together to form Quarterre. The Shadow bike rack is just one of their stunning concepts.

Quarterre, a British brand, have three bicycle solutions, including the elegant, Shadow above. They claim Shadow is their purest piece, effortlessly combining stylish form with function, we can't help but agree on this!

Price: Made to order

More information: Quarterre

6. Floaterhoist: BA1 Bike Hoist


A nifty ceiling-mounted bicycle hoist, capable of storing your bike horizontally up on your ceiling. Although it doesn't look that sleek, it is an incredibly efficient design and enables you to store your bike completely out of the way. Just check out how easy it is on the video below!

Price: $89.95

More information: Floaterhoist