A proper brew never tastes right unless you're sipping it out of your favourite mug. Treat yourself to one of these and you'll be drinking in style.


1. Get to know your bottom bracket from you head set with this bike anatomy mug, also available as a travel mug.

Price: £9.00 More information: Cafe Press

2. A modern twist on the alphabet, 'b' is definitely for bicycle in our books.

Price: £13.95 More information: Big Tomato Company

3. Made over in Australia, this lovely dainty ceramic tea cup made all the better with a bicycle print pride of place.

Price: AUS$19.95 More information: Domayne

4. A perfect travel companion, let everyone know what your true love it.

Price: £9.00 (now £5.00) More information: Urban Outfitters

5. Add a hint of bling to your day with this gold bicycle motif, just remember to avoid the microwave!

Price: £17.95 More information: Big Tomato Company

6. A firm favourite in the Total Women's Cycling office, imported from the US and perfect for a cup of coffee.

Price: US$12.95 More information: Fishs Eddy

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