london revolution gone wrong

Here at TWC we are lucky enough that our day job involves writing about our favourite past time - cycling. Of course we love everything we write about, but there are certain articles in particular that we have loved creating over the past 12 months. Some of them have made us fall off our chairs laughing, others have been more poignant. We hope you enjoy reading our favourite articles of 2014 as much as we enjoyed writing them!

london revolution gone wrong

We know it's wrong to laugh at other's misfortune. But on this occasion we couldn't help ourselves. We also reassured ourselves that is was ok to laugh as the man in question took to social media after the event to share his amusement over the entire incident.

Check out the full moment of glory gone wrong here.

bicycle themed cakes

Bikes and cakes are possibly the best combination in the entire world. So you can imagine our excitement when we starting researching bicycle themed cakes for this article? Of course we had to ride to our favourite cake stop as soon as we had published this piece by way of reward for all the hard work!

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This is our favourite advertisement of all time. Huge kudos to the Always ad team for this one.

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Colombian Women's Cycling Team

Images of the Colombian women's cycling team in THAT kit appeared in media across the globe. TWC contributor Aoife Glass took five issues in women's professional cycling that are far more pressing and worth of column inches than that kit.

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A male reader responds to our popular article on how to take your girlfriend mountain biking.

We nearly fell off our seats laughing at contributor Adele Mitchell's advice in this article. It was so incredibly accurate. So if are a novice off road rider and your fella is planning on taking you on a romantic mountain bike ride any time soon, we would suggest you subtly pop this article in front of his eyes!

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Young Woman Suffering With Cold

This is a question that has bugged us for years. And we bet it's bugged some of you lovely ladies too. So we enlisted the help of an expert to find out why our noses run. If you are as inquisitive as us, check out the full article here.

specialized sl pro review california santa cruz summer riding

We believe women's bodies should be celebrated not for what they look like but rather for what they can do. But sometimes it harder than you think to come to terms with that as a women.

This story follow's Editor Heather's experience as her body changes from that of a skeletal fashion model to that of an endurance athlete.

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Ok so we are not saying you are guilty of saying all 10 but if you have ever been on a bike, you are guaranteed to have uttered a least one of these funny but very true statements. Check out the full article to see how many you are guilty of waxing lyrical about! We hate to admit it, but the TWC together are guilty of all 10!