No Taylor, it's INDOOR cycling we're up too.

After you guys loved our Christmas song playlist for indoor training so much, we thought we'd put together one in homage to the wonderful musical year that has been 2014.

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We've tried to keep things a mix of chart hits and lesser-known (but equally as danceable) tunes so you will remain energised for the entirety of your workout. Good luck ladies. May Taylor be with you.

P.S You can find the a Spotify playlist of our selections at the end of this article. Minus Taylor, of course.

We thought we'd go ahead and start with something a little dirtier than your usual chart fare, cause this song might have a slow BPM but it'll certainly get your blood pumping.

Indoor Training for Cyclists

Don't go too hard, just warm up slowly while this song helps the fire light inside your belly.

Ok, now we're getting a little more brisk with the stylings of Ariana Grande and her deliciously danceable 'Problem'. You'll be nodding your head so much that you'll forget your legs are doing any work!

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By now you should find it easy to settle into this song by The Juan MacLean. If you can sing along to more than a line at a time, you're not exerting yourself enough. Crank up the resistance until this is suitably sweat-inducing!

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What better than one of the biggest selling singles of the year to get yourself going? We recommend sprinting for the duration of each chorus – that soulful refrain will make it feel like a total breeze.

Turbo Trainers vs Rollers

This is a bloomin' tune and if it doesn't get your heart rate up and your cadence strong, then we'll eat our hats.

Turbo training like a professional

We recommend making this a high resistance tune, because you'll be so keen on moving that your legs will forget you're climbing!

Tay-swizzle is perfect for indoor training. How can 'Shake it Off' not leave you completely pumped? Just be careful if you're on rollers – you may not be able to resist doing some arm movements and ending up on the ground.

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It's time to put some power down on the flat before shaking that sweat off! (Sorry).

We couldn't resist it: Mark Ronson's 'Uptown Funk' is the perfect way to bring yourself back down from peak effort while still retaining the enthusiasm provided by the chorus. Hot damn!

Indoor training: Getting started with a turbo trainer

This song may have bypassed some of you, but it's a cover of the Spice Girls song 'Say You'll Be There' by Swedish electro pop act MØ. And it is the perfect update to a girly, sing-a-long classic. Which makes it the perfect finisher to your indoor training session! Good job ladies!