Obviously, most of the time, we cyclists are good as gold - we very rarely find ourselves suffering from the effects of over indulgence. However, we're not totally exempt from getting a wee bit excited during Happy Hour and waking up rubbing our heads the next day.

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However frequent or infrequent your hangovers are, we know for sure that no cyclist wants to spend a day curled up on the sofa with the lights off.

Tempting as chilling out with half of last night's takeaway pizza might be, swapping it for the following could get you out on your bike much quicker...


Yep - your favourite low calorie electrolyte tablets aren't just good for replacing lost salts during a workout.


Drinking too much alcohol causes dehydration. High Five Zero tablets and Nuun tablets are designed to re-hydrate - therefore reversing the negative effects.


Coconut Water is low in fat and sugar, and it also contains all five of the electrolyte varieties found in human blood. Again, the hydrating elixir will calm the headache that comes as a direct result of the dehydrating effects of too much alcohol.

One glass of coconut water contains more of the electrolyte potassium than a banana - an essential mineral that is lost through pee-ing - something that we do more of after a few glasses of wine.


People often reach for greasy food when a hangover strikes - chips, pizza, and bacon baps are common options. Chuck them - and go for fruit instead.

Fructose, the natural sugar in fruit, will naturally boost your energy levels, and the fibre it provides will help to break down the less healthy fermented grapes taking home in your tummy.

coffee cup cycling cafe cyclists can't live without

It's not uncommon for people to reach for the coffee pot in the event of a hangover - and it's definitely a good idea.

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The caffeine will perk up your energy levels, and will also dilate blood vessels - helping you to get rid of the headache.

complexcarbohydrates ed

In normal circumstances, if your blood sugar levels dip, your liver produces more glucose from stored carbs. However, when you've been hitting the Jagerbombs, your liver is otherwise disposed sorting out the after effects.

In these circumstances, your liver struggles to do its normal work, and without a little perk up, your blood sugar levels will drop, making you feel tired and low. Consume some simple carbs for a quick boost.

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Of course, consuming a decent sized meal before you go out drinking will also help to line your stomach, and prevent hangovers in the first place.


Eggs are packed full of protein - and we're big fans of them in general, fried, boiled or scrambled.

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The benefit for the hangover victim is that they contain cysteine - a substance that breaks down the toxin acetaldehyde. Basically, the lovely spongey eggs will mop up nasty residual toxins.


Eurgh - hangovers can really mess with your stomach, causing excess time sitting in the bathroom regretting your over indulgence.

Thankfully, a cup of peppermint tea can help to relieve bloating and upset in the stomach, and of course all hydration is good hydration in this case.


We know, initially you might not feel like it, and there is no evidence that fresh air and exercise will actually reduce the symptoms. This said, a short bike ride will pump endorphins through your poor, abused body - and these will always make you feel better!

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