The folding bike is a constantly evolving beast and we've just come across a brand new addition to the market - Kwiggle.

The 'Kwiggle' is a German creation that promises to be 60 per cent of the size of 'common' or traditional versions.

Launched via a Kickstarter campaign, the makers promise that this is the "ultimate solution for fast urban traffic".

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The bike weighs just 8.5kg, and can be folded down to ten seconds. In a unique twist, it can even fit into airline carry on luggage sized bags (55 x 40 x 25).

The drivetrain system looks like no other, and it's claimed the bike can reach 30km/h whilst still remaining stable and fun to ride. Narrow handlebars make for easy maneuvering through city streets and the bike can be pulled along by the bars when folded.

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The bike is 'one size fits all' with an adjustable saddle height and no sign of a traditional seat tube. The geometry puts the rider in an incredibly upright, almost standing position, as is evident when the bike is seen ridden in the company's demonstration video below.


Karsten Bettin, German engineer, inventor of Kwiggle comments: “I’ve developed Kwiggle over the last seven years. Sometimes I feel foolish to put so much work into it. But sitting on Kwiggle and riding it always brought me back and I thought: yes, it’s worth doing this."

Bikes start at €1,240 and early birds will be able to get one branded '1st' to demonstrate their early adoption. At time of writing, Kwiggle has received backing from 82 people, to a total of €90,510 - but they need €195,000 by January 20 to achieve their target. Check the Kickstarter page out here.