The death of a female cyclist this morning on Bow Roundabout takes the death toll to four cyclists in eight days on London’s roads.


In reaction to these fatalities, London cyclists have been urged by the London Cycling Campaign to attend a peaceful protest tonight, to call for safer cycling in capital.

The London Cycling Campaign is a 12,000-strong membership charity, that aims to make sure that everyone who cycles, or wants to cycle, has a voice in Greater London. They strive for a city that encourages Londoners to cycle, creating a healthier and happier place for everyone.

The vigil protest starts at 6pm tonight, and will commence from Bow Roundabout, the scene of this mornings tragedy. Back in July, over 2,000 people gathered for a similar demonstration after three cyclists were killed in three weeks.

In its call to action, the LCC said: "Today, we've been inundated with calls, emails and messages of condolences for the families, as well as a huge sense of shock and frustration at the lack of action to implement measures that protect cyclists and pedestrians at Bow.

"As far back as September 2012, we outlined the risks to cyclists to Leon Daniels (Head of Surface Transport, Transport for London) posed by Bow roundabout.

"Despite the early start facility recently introduced, we urged TfL to consider installing cycling and pedestrian-safe traffic lights at Bow roundabout recommended by our experts and TfL’s own consultants to reduce the risks to both cyclists and pedestrians."

The campaign will assemble from 6pm (for 6.30pm start) on the pavement outside McDonalds, at Bow roundabout. They urge people to bring lights, candles and placards.