Once you've decided what kind of bike to buy, the next most important thing to consider is the fit. Riding that a bike that doesn't fit you correctly can bring with it a whole host of problems including knee and back problems.

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Here is how to find the right bike size for you...

1. Bike Frame

Sizes do differ from brand to brand so it is always better to go to a retailer and get fitted correctly for your specific bike. But the following table will give you an idea of which frame size you need:

bike fit

2. Saddle

To get the saddle at the correct height, sit evenly on your saddle with one pedal in the downwards position. Your leg should be completely straight when the arch of your foot is on that pedal.

When you are cycling, you leg should be almost straight on the downward stroke.

3. Handlebars

Handlebar height is largely about personal preference and the position you like to ride in. You want to make sure that they are easily reached though and that you are not overextending yourself.

The saddle can also be shifted forward and backwards to adjust your body position and the reach to your handlebars.

Not all handlebars can be adjusted so this is something to check before you buy.

4. Professional Bike Fitting

If you are investing in a road bike and really want to make sure you get your positioning right then we would highly recommend a professional bike fitting.

Find out more information about bike fitting here.

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