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Let's face it, as much as we all like to rave about how great commuting by bike is, cycling to or from work in the rain is never pleasant. And worse still is getting caught in a rain shower on your way to the pub and turning up looking like a drowned rat.

I have no doubt that the rain wrap will divide opinion, but having used it now for a couple of weeks, I have to admit I am completely converted. Irish brand Georgia in Dublin created the rain wrap as a handy alternative to waterproof pants for ladies who use their bike to get around in rain, hail and maybe even snow!

As the name suggests, the rain wrap is a large piece of waterproof material that wraps around your waist and can be easily popped on over your regular clothes. Once you arrive at your destination it can then be easily taken off, folded and popped into your handbag - it is brilliant.

rain wrap

The only drawback is that this product is really only suitable for upright riding positions. So if you ride a Brompton or a Dutch bike you'll be just fine, but this is not a great option if your bike of choice is a fixie or a road bike.


I think this is a great product for ladies who use their bikes every day to not only commute to and from work but to run errands etc.


This products saves the hassle of trying to wrench your waterproof bottoms on and off over your shoes. You definitely save the 'hopping on one leg trying to get your waterproof trouser off' problem outside the pub!


It really is only suitable for short distance riding and riding in an upright position.

PRICE: £55

STOCKIST: Georgia in Dublin

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