A racing league in London has been attracting impressive sign-ups at local races thanks to the encouragement, motivation and technique training they've been providing to new and experienced riders.

London Women's Racing is dedicated to growing grassroots women's cycling by providing a calendar of events where racers can collect points, as well as creating a social environment and building a community.

The group held a training day at the close of last month - and so far the first and second rounds of the events in their league calendar have had over 30 riders pre-signed up. The effect has also been spreading to non-league races, with 30 pre-signed up to a Cat 4 women's criterium at outer London's Redbridge Cycling Centre last weekend - compared to around 20 pre-signed up to the men's event.

There other similar leagues across the country, but LWR (@LDNwomensracing) do appear to be having the greatest success so far this year.

The league have produced a video to show what went on at their first training day, which we reported on earlier this month. The day focused on key skills such as riding in a bunch, cornering, and working as a team to take a sprinter to the finish line. Expert riders from sponsored teams such as Drops Cycling and Les Filles were on hand to help out and provide advice, too.

We're proud to be featured alongside title sponsors as supporters of the league - take a look at what they've been up to.

Interested in getting involved? We've got 10 tips for riders thinking of racing, as written by members of the league. Enjoy, and good luck!