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Looking for the lowdown on the different teams in The Women's Tour? Want to know who's racing, which teams are wearing what, and what names to shout out at the crucial moments?


We've got the lowdown all ready for you here, so you can brush up on your team knowledge ready for the week of racing ahead. We've even got the provisional team lists so you know who to look out for!

There are 16 teams in total, with the best professional cyclists in the world, so it's going to be an exciting event!

Want to know more about the route, where to watch and how to get involved? Check out our article Everything You Need to Know About The Women's Tour

[part title="Wiggle Honda"]


Team Name: Wiggle Honda

Country: Great Britain

UCI Team Ranking: 7th

Arguably one of the most famous professional road cycling teams out there, Wiggle Honda has made waves in the world of women's cycling since their birth in 2013. Owned and managed by the formidable Rochelle Gilmore, they boast an impressive line up of champions from the UK and abroad, including athletes from Italy, Germany, Australia and New Zealand.

Where to start? Laura Trott, Dani King, Elinor Barker and Joanna Rowsell are names known to many from their impressive performances on the track at Olympic and World Championship level, so now's your chance to see them in action on the road. Giorgia Bronzini is currently ranked 7th in the world, and is an incredible sprinter, so she's certainly one to watch out for.

Find out more about the team: Check out our Interview with Laura Trott. Or why not get in the spirit of Wiggle Honda and Steal the Style of Dani King? And if you haven't heard the story of the powerhouse behind the team, our Interview with Wiggle Honda Manager Rochelle Gilmore is a must-read.

And of course, check out the Team Website: wigglehonda.com

Wiggle Honda

  • Laura Trott (GBR)
  • Dani King (GBR)
  • Elinor Barker (GRB)
  • Giorgia Bronzini (ITA)
  • Joanna Rowsell (GRB)
  • Linda Villumsen (NZL)
  • Charlotte Becker (GER) (Reserve)
  • Peta Mullens (AUS) (Reserve)
  • Emily Collins (NZL) (Reserve)

[part title="Astana BePink Women's Team"]


Team Name: Astana BePink Women's Team

Country: Italy

UCI Team Ranking: 10th

Based in Italy, Astana BePink is a predominantly Italian team with members from Russia and Belarus in the lineup for The Women's Tour. Watch out for Alena Amialiusik, as the 25 year old rider was the 2013 National Time Trial Champion for Belarus and is World number 8 in the rankings.

The team started in 2011, and for 2014 has signed a partnership with the men's Astana pro team. Also watch Dalia Muccioli, the reigning Italian National Champion.

Find out more about the team: www.bepink.eu

Astana BePink Women's Team

  • Alena Amialiusik (BLR)
  • Dalia Muccioli (ITA)
  • Silvia Valsecchi (ITA)
  • Susanna Zorzi (ITA)
  • Michela Maltese (ITA)

  • Alice Arzuffi (ITA)

  • Ana Maria Courig (ITA) (Reserve)

  • Kseniia Dobrynina (RUS) (Reserve)

[part title="Boels Dolmans Cycling Team"]


Team Name: Boels Dolmans Cycling Team

Country: Netherlands

UCI Team Ranking: 3rd

With both World Time Trial Champion Ellen Van Dijk and road race Lizzie Armitstead ranked in the top 5 by the UCI, 4th and 5th respectively, and the team as a whole ranked 3rd, keep your eyes peeled for action here.

Yorkshire born Armitstead took the win at the first round of the Women's Road World Cup this year, and placed 2nd at rounds 2, 3 and 4 and is currently topping the leader board. She's on top form for The Women's Tour. Will she take the win?

The Boels Dolmans team started in 2010, and have secured sponsorship up to 2016, which is a great sign for the strength of support for women's cycling overall.

Emma Trott will be racing on home roads around Hertfordshire on Stage Four, and the atmosphere will be great - join the masses and cheer the team on!

Find out more about the team: www.boelsdolmanscyclingteam.nl

Boels Dolmans Cycling Team

  • Lizzie Armitstead (GBR)
  • Ellen Van Dijk (NED)
  • Romy Kasper (GER)
  • Christine Majerus (LUX)
  • Emma Trott (GBR)

  • Kasia Pawlowska (POL)

  • Jessie Dams (BEL) (Reserve)

  • Janneke Ensing (NED) (Reserve)

  • Nina Kessler (NED) (Reserve)

[part title="Estado de Mexico Faren"]


Team Name: Estado de Mexico Faren

Country: Mexico

UCI Team Ranking: 14th

Watch out for Rossella Ratto, who was Bronze behind Marianne Vos and Emma Johansson at last year's World Road Race Championships, joins the team for 2014 - certainly one to watch. Seasoned veteran Fabiana Luperini has been a professional racer for over a decade, with numerous national and World wins to her name.

Spot the Brit in the lineup - Lucy Martin, who was part of the Team GB lineup in London 2012.

Find out more about the team: www.estadodemexicoteam.com

Estado de Mexico Faren

  • Uenia de Souza Fernandes (BRA)
  • Lucy Martin (GBR)
  • Fabiana Luperini (ITA)
  • Rossella Ratto (ITA)
  • Erika Leticia Yepez Fernandes (MEX)
  • Elena Cecchini (ITA)
  • Giada Borgato (ITA) (Reserve)
  • Ruth Alfie Moctezuma (MEX) (Reserve)
  • Anna Trevisi (ITA) (Reserve)

[part title="Great Britain"]

Lucy Garner, getting ready to ride for Team GB at The Women's Tour

Team Name: Great Britain

Country: Great Britain

UCI Country Ranking: 6th

Team GB surely needs no introduction; with the might of British Cycling behind them, and competing on home turf - sorry, home tarmac - these women are deserving of your cheers.

Lucy Garner is taking time out from her usual Giant Shimano team to lead the women, and as she's a double Junior World Road Race Champion she's one to watch! Also watch out for Katie Archibald who is a World Champion in team pursuit, and Junior World Champion in team pursuit with Hayley Jones, Amy Hill and Emily Kay.

Find out more about the team: www.britishcycling.org.uk/gbcyclingteam

Great Britain

  • Lucy Garner (GBR)
  • Hayley Jones (GBR)
  • Ciara Horne (GBR)
  • Emily Kay (GBR)
  • Katie Archibald (GBR)
  • Amy Hill (GBR)
  • Nikki Harris (GBR) (Reserve)

[part title="Hitec Products"]


Team Name: Hitec Products

Country: Norway

UCI Team Ranking: 8th

Based in Norway, and with an impressive 8th place in the UCI rankings, this team has an international line-up of riders from Russia, Italy, France and Australia for The Women's Tour.

They've got a lineup of impressive riders, with Elisa Longo Borghini ranked 9th, South African Champion Ashleigh Moolman-Pasio is currently ranked 22nd, and Chloe Hosking 31st by the UCI. Moolman-Pasio is a woman of many talents, with time trial and road wins to her name, not to mention stage racing, having finished in the top ten of the Giro d'Italia.

Australian Hosking has represented her country at World Championship, Olympic and Commonwealth Games level.

Find out more about the team: teamhitecproducts.no

Hitec Products

  • Thea Thorsen (NOR)
  • Ashleigh Moolman-Pasio (SA)
  • Elisa Longo Borghini (ITA)
  • Miriam Bjørnsrud (NOR)
  • Chloe Hosking (AUS)
  • Audrey Cordon (FRA)
  • Cecile Johnsen (NOR) (Reserve)
  • Lauren Kitchen (AUS) (Reserve)
  • Siri Minge (NOR) (Reserve)

[part title="Lointek"]


Team Name: Lointek

Country: Spain

UCI Team Ranking: 23rd

Predominantly formed for riders from Spain and France for this season, Lointek have been competing since 2009.

Watch out for Aude Biannic, who finished in the top ten at the London 2012 Olympics, and Melodie Leseur, the former National Champion.

Find out more about the team: www.lointekteam.es


  • Aude Biannic (FRA)
  • Belen Lopez (ESP)
  • Lucia Gonzalez (ESP)
  • Sheyla Gutierrez (ESP)
  • Fanny Riberot (FRA)
  • Aurore Verhoeven (FRA)
  • Melodie Leseur (FRA) (Reserve)
  • Aida Nuno (ESP) (Reserve)
  • Alicia Gonzalez (ESP) (Reserve)
  • Irene Usabiaga (ESP) (Reserve)
  • Eider Merino (ESP) (Reserve)

[part title="Lotto Belisol Ladies"]


Team Name: Lotto Belisol Ladies

Country: Belgium

UCI Team Ranking: 12th

Keep a close eye on Lotto Belisol, as the one and only Emma Pooley is riding for them. Pooley was the 2010 World Time Trial Champion, Silver Olympic medallist from the 2008 Olympics, and a marathon winner.

Australian Amy Cure may be young but she's already got a World title to add to her several Junior World Champion collection, having won the points race at the World Track Cycling Championships in Cali.

Find out more about the team: www.lottobelisol.be

Lotto Belisol Ladies

  • Emma Pooley (GBR)
  • Amy Cure (AUS)
  • Isabelle Beckers (BEL)
  • Liesbet De Vocht (BEL)
  • Anisha Vekemans (BEL)
  • Chantal Hoffmann (LUX)
  • Molly Meyvisch (BEL) (Reserve)
  • Sara Verhaest (BEL) (Reserve)
  • Heidi Dalton (RSA) (Reserve)

[part title="Matrix Fitness – Vulpine"]


Team Name: Matrix Fitness – Vulpine

Country: Great Britain

UCI Team Ranking: N/A

Matrix Vulpine are the only British domestic team to be invited to take part in The Women's Tour, and they are ecstatic to be taking part.

The team will be led by Helen Wyman, who readers might recognise as a Cyclocross racer. Not just any racer though; she was the 3rd place in the World CX championships, and is the current British CX National Champion.

Also look out for Corrine Hall, who is the current tandem road time trial World Champ alongside para-cyclist Lora Turnham.

It's a team with a lot of experience and dedication to racing in the domestic series, so get out there and cheer them on!

Find out more about the team; We talked to Vulpine, one of their sponsors, to find out What Goes Into Sponsoring a Women's Professional Cycling Team. You can also check out the team website www.onthedrops.cc.

Matrix Fitness – Vulpine

  • Helen Wyman (GBR)
  • Sigrid Jochems (NED)
  • Harriet Owen (GBR)
  • Jessie Walker (GBR)
  • Jo Tindley (GBR)
  • Louise Borthwick (GBR)
  • Corrine Hall (GBR) (Reserve)
  • Bethany Hayward (GBR) (Reserve)
  • Penny Rowson (GBR) (Reserve)

[part title="Netherlands"]


Team Name: Netherlands

Country: Netherlands

UCI Country Ranking: -

Producing some of the best road cyclists in the world, it's clear that the Netherlands are the top ranked nation for cycling.

Although a lot of their top riders, such as Marianne Vos, are riding for their own professional teams, the Dutch team have plenty of great riders to pick from.

Find out more about the team: The Women's Tour


  • Amy Pieters (NED)
  • Anouska Koster (NED)
  • Henriette Woering (NED)
  • Ashlynn van Baarle (NED)
  • Mascha Pijnenborg (NED)
  • Janine van de Meer (NED)
  • Kim de Baat (NED) (Reserve)
  • Esra Tromp (NED) (Reserve)

[part title="Optum P/B Kelly Benefit Strategies"]


Team Name: Optum P/B Kelly Benefit Strategies

Country: USA

UCI Team Ranking: 13th

Optum P/B Kelly Benefit Strategies (not a name that rolls off the tongue!) have backed a men's team since 2008, and in 2012 launched the women's team. They've been successful since their inception, with team members winning numerous national titles.

Jade Wilcoxson won the American road race title, and teammate Joelle Numainville won the Canadian equivalent.

Find out more about the team: optumprocycling.com

Optum P/B Kelly Benefit Strategies

  • Lauren Hall (USA)
  • Janel Holcomb (USA)
  • Leah Kirchmann (CAN)
  • Joelle Numainville (CAN)
  • Denise Ramsden (CAN)
  • Jade Wilcoxson (USA)
  • Annie Ewart (CAN) (Reserve)
  • Annie Ewart (USA) (Reserve)
  • Amber Pierce (USA) (Reserve)

[part title="Orica – AIS"]


Team Name: Orica – AIS

Country: Australia

UCI Team Ranking: 2nd

Not only are this team number 2 in the world, but they also boast the world's number one female cyclist - Emma Johansson. If that's not a reason to watch them we don't what is!

With Olympic accolades and World Championship titles to her name, she's one of the world's top riders, placing as runner up at last year's World Champs and World Cup series behind the legendary Marianne Vos.

There are more Olympians in the lineup, including Annette Edmondson who took a Bronze medal at London 2012, and Melissa Hoskins, a multiple road and track World Championship medalist.

Another one to keep your eye on is Valentine 'Crazy Horse' Scandolara. The Italian rider was nicknamed for her willingness to take risks, and attack where she can.

Find out more about the team: www.greenedgecycling.com/women

Orica – AIS

  • Emma Johansson (SWE)
  • Loes Gunnewijk (NED)
  • Shara Gillow (AUS)
  • Annette Edmondson (AUS)
  • Valentina Scandolara (ITA)
  • Gracie Elvin (AUS)
  • Amanda Spratt (AUS) (Reserve)
  • Melissa Hoskins (AUS) (Reserve)
  • Jessie Maclean (AUS) (Reserve)

[part title="Rabo Liv Women's Cycling Team"]


Team Name: Rabo Liv Women's Cycling Team

Country: Netherlands

UCI Team Ranking: 1st

This is the world number one women's cycling team, and it's no wonder when one of their riders is the legendary Marianne Vos.

Vos has been described as one of the most talented and skill cyclists in any field, any discipline, ever. Her list of palmares is so long, there's no way we could list it here, but high up on that list is the fact she's the reigning World and Olympic Champion.

The team wouldn't be successful however without a raft of other extremely talented riders like Annemiek van Vleuten, who was the UCI World Cup Winner in 2011.

Find out more about the team: www.raboliv.com

Rabo Liv Women's Cycling Team

  • Marianne Vos (NED)
  • Annemiek van Vleuten (NED)
  • Anna Knauer (GER)
  • Roxane Knetemann (NED)
  • Iris Slappendel (NED)
  • Sabrina Stultiens (NED)
  • Lucinda Brand (NED) (Reserve)
  • Anna van der Breggen (NED) (Reserve)
  • Katarzyna Niewiadoma (POL) (Reserve)

[part title="Specialized – Lululemon"]


Team Name: Specialized – Lululemon

Country: USA

UCI Team Ranking: 4th

Their distinctive kit will be easy to spot on the roads of Northumberland, so give them a cheer as they pass!

One rider to watch (and find out more about) is Evelyn Stevens, who has taken two World titles in Team Time Trial, and numerous other wins. A professional cycling success story that's a far cry from her start working in an investment bank in New York in 2009.

Also watch out for Tiffany Cromwell, new for the team in 2014. She's a regular in the Australian national team, and won the semi-classic Omloop Het Nieuwsblad race in 2013.

Find out more about the team: velociosports.com

Specialized – Lululemon

  • Chantal Blaak (NED)
  • Lisa Brennauer (GER)
  • Karol Ann Canual (CAN)
  • Tiffany Cromwell (AUS)
  • Elise Delzenne (FRA)
  • Trixi Worrack (GER)
  • Evelyn Stevens (USA) (Reserve)
  • Carmen Small (USA) (Reserve)
  • Loren Rowney (USA) (Reserve)

[part title=" Switzerland"]


Team Name: Switzerland

Country: Switzerland

UCI Country Ranking: 19th

Building up towards the 2016 Olympics in Rio, the Swiss team is young but bursting with potential.

If the name Jolanda Neff is familiar to you, you might be right. More usually known from the world of mountain biking, she's currently world number 5 in XC MTB, and has won the Under-23 title for the past two seasons. She's just competed in a grueling event in Cairns, Australia as part of the UCI MTB World Cup.

Find out more about the team: The Women's Tour


  • Jolanda Neff (SUI)
  • Linda Indergand (SUI)
  • Katrin Leumann (SUI)
  • Ramona Forchini (SUI)
  • Caroline Bauer (SUI)
  • Jutta Stienen (SUI)
  • Jessica Ubelhard (SUI) (Reserve)
  • Mirjam Gysling (SUI) (Reserve)

[part title="UnitedHealthcare Professional Cycling Team"]


Team Name: UnitedHealthcare Professional Cycling Team

Country: USA

UCI Team Ranking: 11th

Another new team for the 2014 season, which we are very happy to see. UnitedHealthcare have had a men's team running for a long time, so it's great to see them launching a women's team.

Why should you watch this team? Well, they've got a British team manager, Rachel Heal, and also British rider Sharon Laws. Laws has previously won the incredibly gruelling Cape Epic MTB stage race, and combines cycling with a career as an environmental consultant.

Of course, you can't forget the ever-popular Brit Hannah Barnes, who dominated the domestic scene in 2013. The first stage is in her home county too, so she'll have tons of support and maybe some handy local knowledge.

Find out more about what Hannah Barnes has been up to, including the infamous Nocturne incident in 2013. You can also check out their team website.; uhcprocycling.com

UnitedHealthcare Professional Cycling Team

  • Hannah Barnes (GBR)
  • Kate Hall (USA)
  • Cari Higgins (USA)
  • Sharon Laws (GBR)
  • Lauren Tamayo (USA)
  • Ruth Winder (USA)
  • Rushlee Buchanan (NZL) (Reserve)
  • Coryn Rivera (USA) (Reserve)
  • Alexis Ryna (USA) (Reserve)