Are you looking for a SUPER challenge? The kind of event that will get you out on the bike at 6am for the next few weeks, and leave you with amazing memories?

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It's not too late to find a challenge event for 2015- we've rounded up some 100+ mile rides that promise to motivate you to ride, test you, make you stronger - and leave you smiling for years to come...

Can You Do a 100 Mile Sportive?

Of course - we know not everyone is raring to ride a century (or a century plus...) - so here are some of the best 20-112 mile sportives this year, and some of the best beginners sportives.

king of the downs

On 31 May, this one isn't far away - but we know you've got the legs for it!

To be crowned "King (ahem - Queen) of the Downs" you'll complete 115 miles, covering 9,000 feet of climbing along the way.

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The Surrey, Sussex and Kent sportive, organised in-house by Evans Cycles chivvies riders over 10 climbs, each one just a little tougher than the last.

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Entry is just £28, with way-marking, feed stations with food and gels, goody bag and more - and there is a half route available, too - check it out here.

giant bike wiggle dragon ride

Founded at the turn of the century, before the sportive scene exploded into the booming industry that it is today, this is an iconic bucket list UK sportive for riders across Europe.

On June 6, the Wiggle Dragon Ride carries its participants over some of the most beautiful (and hilly) terrain in South Wales.

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The alpine-like climbs are of the kind rarely found in the UK, and include 'Rhigos', 'Black Mountain' and 'Devil’s Elbow'.

There are a range of distances available:

Corto 43km

Medio Fondo 153km

Gran Fondo 226km

Dragon Devil 302km

Women Only Cycletta 43km

Entry includes mechanical support, parking, way-marking and food - and costs between £35 and £95 - find out more here.

northern island

This Gran Fondo begins in Belfast, on June 21st, and takes riders over some of Northern Islands most iconic climbs - hills and mountains alike.

Your effort will be rewarded with views of the highest mountain peaks to the Loughs and seas.

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Entry is only £55, which for fully closed roads, feed stations, support, pasta party, finishers medal and jersey isn't bad.

Find out more and enter here.


This sportive in the French Pyrennes covers some of the sensational climbs featured in Tour de France stages, and there are three routes on offer on 27th June - 168, 115 and 70km (104 miles, 70 miles, 43 miles).

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The long route covers around 3,575 metres of climbing - that's 11,000 feet. At just 43 euros for a foreign rider, you're getting lots of time in the saddle and the chance to explore the kind of climbs that get even the pros puffing (you don't have to ride them at the same pace!)

Find out more and enter.

la marmotte

One of the most famous Gran Fondo's of them all, Le Marmotte is a bucket list ride - and this year it takes place on July 4.

This stunning French Alps sportive sets off from Bourg d'Oisans, and runs through Isere, Savoie, the Alps - and climbs over some of most respected passes in cycling - including the iconic le Galibier(2642m), le Lautaret(2057m), and the famous 21 hairpins of the Alpe d'Huez(1880m).

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The ride finishes atop the almighty Alpe d'Huez, which is closed to all vehicles from 2pm - 6pm, so it'll be just you, and the bike (and around 4,000 other riders there to support you!). In total, you'll cover 5,180 m - that's 16,990 ft - of climbing. Eye-watering, but certainly a major achievement.

Entry is 85 euros - find out more - and if you fancy the Alpe d'Huez but not the distance, there is this shorter version at 47 miles.


This Cotswolds adventure on July 12 offers a figure of eight 100 mile ride - though there are 50 and 20 mile options available, plus a 5 mile family fun run to keep your supporters occupied!

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You'll ride over some of the areas Cat 4 climbs, accumulating just over 7,000 ft of climbing,

The HQ is the grounds of Broughton Castle, and there will be picnic areas plus a BBQ to tuck into on return.

Entry will set you back £25 - find out more here.

la pina

In Italy's Treviso (not too far from Venice) this sportive on July 12 starts near the shop where Giovanni Pinarello created the brand.

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Climbs on the long route will include the Passo San Boldo - a 7km long slope of 10%, with 18 beautiful swooping hairpins, Passo Praderadego, and Presa XIV - which is just over 3km and around 11%.

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Riders are promised fresh watermelon at the finish (though you might want some sort of recovery drink, too!)

Entry costs 60-75 euros - check it out here.


Once you've ridden a century... where's next to go? A double century on July 19, obviously!

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At the Round Norfolk epic you'll get to ride your double along the glorious North Norfolk coastline, all the way back to Great Yarmouth. There's just under 5,000 feet of climbing over the course, so around the same as some hilly 100's.

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To help riders along the way, a 'kit bag' can be ferried from the start to the first feed zone, in case you want to take some extra layers, tubes or food - and you'll get a massage and medal on return. This, plus the normal way-marking and support, for £45.

You'll likely want to get away early - so you can camp the night before for just £10.

This is an epic ride - and yes, it will be hard - but it's fantastic value and the camaraderie of other riders around you will make the miles soar by - find out more...


This Scottish ride on August 8 begins in Galloway, and travels through the countryside along Loch Ken, into the Galloway Hills, swooping past the Gatehouse of Fleet, Caste Douglas, and along the Solway Firth, back to the start where you'll get a bowl of soup served by the 'Galloway Soup Dragon' (of course...).

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You'll deserve a good meal, with 5,400 feet of climbing over the long route (psst - if you're after more, check out the Tour of High Passes, in Cumbria - that features 13,000 feet in 90 miles!)

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There will be food and drink stations, support staff motorcycles patrolling the route to assist where needed - and the event costs just £25 thanks to help from volunteers on the day. Can't say fairer than that.

Find out more.

alpine challenge

With an average of 110km a day, over 3 days and 4 stages, this is a mega challenge - but it'll be an unforgettable one, too. It takes place from 9-13 September, so you've got a while to get ready.

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Hot Chilli stage events are for amateurs - but you'll get the pro experience, with timed segments and leader's jerseys for those wanting to compete.

Based in the French alps, you'll enjoy rolling road closures, motor bike outriders, and a professional crew including masseurs and a full mechanic team.

The first day will include a 'Prologue' which will put you in a group that mirrors your ability, so you can be comfortable over the next 3 mountain stages.

This event isn't cheap - the most inexpensive option is £1,620 (or £1,840 sharing with a non-riding partner) - but it's a race of a lifetime - find out more.

Found one that takes your fancy? Check out our training plan for a 100 mile sportive and get started!