Saddle maker Velo has announced four new seating options with built-in suspension and shapes tailored for road and off-road riding.

You may not have heard of Velo, but there's a good chance you've ridden a saddle made by the huge Taiwanese saddle maker without knowing it. Velo manufactures saddles for plenty of other brands. Flip yours over and you might find a Velo logo in the hull.

Velo was founded in 1979 by Stella Yu, who is still at the helm, so it makes sense that the company's 15 million saddles a year would include some women's seats. The four new models from Velo comprise two road bike saddles and two for a more upright riding position, for mountain biking and other flat-bar bikes.

All four have a pressure-reducing groove down the middle, a shorter nose than a man's saddle and are wider to provide support for our wider-spaced sit-bones. All use Velo's ArcTech suspension rail attachment.

The two road bike saddles are the Senso Miles WI0 and Senso Miles I. The top model, Senso Miles WI0 (VL-4214) is 'slick': the O-Zone pressure-relieving cutout is lined with a slick, non-friction cover to avoid chafing and sticking to the saddle. It has lightweight carbon fibre injection base and rails, high-density foam cushioning and Velo's ArcTech suspension rail attachment for increased comfort.

Velo Senso Miles I (VL-4170) road bike saddle

The Senso Miles I (VL-4170) has a Double Density base for shock absorption, micro-fibre cover and O-Zone airflow groove.

The two new Senso Sport saddles are intended for a more upright riding position.

The Velo Senso Sport WI (VL-4216) is for mountain biking and other more upright bikes

The Senso Sport WI (VL-4216) is intended for mountain biking and the flat-bar practical bikes that they call trekking machines in Europe. It has . a Double Density base and light foam padding for maximum flexibility of movement; micro-fibre cover and O-Zone® airflow “groove" give temperate comfort.

Velo Senso Sport WHC (VL-4164) for mountain biking

Finally, the Senso Sport WHC (VL-4164) is aimed at long rides and mountain bike racing with a nylon fibre injection base and high-density cushioning.

Prices are yet to be announced. Velo saddles are available in the UK through Moore Large.