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Whether you’re commuting by bike and need to carry a change of clothes or heading out on a real life adventure then this is the backpack for you.

For a start, and as the name suggests, this backpack is 100% waterproof. Its made from TPU coated nylon with a roll-seal top and won’t leak because the edges are welded or taped.

It meets the IPX6 standard, which means ‘protected against heavy seas/temporary flooding’ and it’ll work in temperatures down to -40C. The AQUAPAC 35l Wet & Dry backpack also comes with a five year guarantee (btw damage as a result of ‘animal attacks’ is excluded – so watch out for grizzly bears, lions and irate squirrels).

35litres is fairly big – enough to carry a laptop, change of clothes, warm jacket and a meal. The external mesh pockets (there are two of them) will each hold a 2l water bottle. There’s also an full-size waterproof internal pocket ijn the AQUAPAC 35l Wet & Dry backpack to keep wet and dry things (or dirty and clean things) separate – it’s perfect for cycling shoes and a rain jacket.

There’s a separate clear internal key/phone pocket too so no need to rummage round the bottom of your bag. You can fit a hydration bladder into the external pocket and clip the hose to the carabiner that comes with the backpack.

You can add a light to the back or clip on your helmet, and you can attach a map case, water bottle or safety equipment (not strictly necessary on a Shoreditch commute, I might add) to one of the external carabiner lashes. In short, it’s hours of fun – and that’s just the packing.

Comfort wise, the backpack features sternum and waist straps as well as a removable back support (which will double as a seat) and wide, breathable mesh straps. It’s surprisingly light and even when loaded up it is very easy to cycle with.

Talking of adventures, I have a 100 mile unsupported mountain bike ride coming up and this backpack will be plenty big enough for a rain jacket, merino layers, lights, pump and repair kit, a day’s worth of water and copious quantities of the malt loaf, peanut butter sandwiches, fruit pastilles and full-fat coke that will, hopefully, get me to the other end.

I’ll update you on whether the AQUAPAC 35l Wet & Dry backpack fares better than I do when I get back. I have a feeling I know the answer already.

Pros: It’s a true adventure hero.

Cons: Black isn’t the most eye catching colour if you’re commuting with it.

Price: £75 from Aquapac.


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