Features of the All Sport Bra *Heart Rate Monitor

Combining a heart rate monitor with any kind of bra, let alone a sports bra, is always a faff of persuading straps and bits to sit comfortably over each other.

Lululemon, supporter of the Specialized-Lululemon women’s road racing team, to the rescue with a sports bra that has a built-in contacts and clip-on mounts for a Parmin or Polar transmitter. Genius!

The All Sport Bra *Heart Rate Monitor is a special edition of Lululemon’s All Sport Bra, which boasts flat seams and wide straps for support and comfort. It’s available in US sizes 4 to 12 (roughly UK 6 to 14).

And if this video is anything to go by it even allows you to do a turbo trainer session without getting sweaty. Amazing!

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