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We've handpicked 10 of the very best road cycling helmets with super light shells and great ventilation to keep your noggin safe at all times on the bike!

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[part title="Specialized Propero II"]


Specialized seems to have shot itself in the foot somewhat with the Propero II. It’s less than half the price of its high-end S-Works Prevail, yet has many of the same features and much of the same make up of its pro-favoured sibling. We’re not complaining though, as it makes for a great lid at a great price, and weighing just 238g! Easily adjusted to fit with a one-handed dial at the back, the same thin DryLite nylon straps and fixed splitters as the Prevail and excellent ventilation channels make this one of the best.

Price: £70, available from Specialized.

[part title="Catlike Whisper Plus Deluxe Helmet"]


If it’s lots of vents you want, it’s lots of vents you’ll get with the Catlike Whisper Plus Deluxe helmet. A total of 39 adorn the helmet, but don’t worry – safety has not been compromised in the making of this helmet, the CES (Crash Energy Splitter) takes care of that, dissipating any impact energy across the shell. Weighing in at 260g for the medium, it’s easily adjustable and can be tailored to fit by making tweaks fore and aft plus under the ears and chin, plus removing/adding padding.

Price: £99, available from Catlike.

Best Price: £75.98, available from Koo Bikes.

[part title="Mavic Plasma SLR Helmet"]


Designed for the hottest days and the longest rides, the Plasma SLR helmet was Mavic’s entry into head protection back in 2012, and it stood out from the crowd for bucking the trend of going ever lighter, yet at 285g for the medium, it’s still no sack of potatoes. Mavic has focused on maximising those striking vents in the 2014 edition – a sturdy roll cage feel is provided by the carbon fibre structural reinforcement, and allows for the oversized vents without compromising on protection.

Price: £150, available from Mavic.

Best Price: £110, available from West Brook Cycles.

[part title="Kask Mojito Helmet"]


As the old adage goes, if it’s good enough for Messrs Froome, Swift, Porte and Wiggins, it’s good enough for us, so we’ll snapping up the Kask Mojito el pronto. Fit and comfort are paramount in the Mojito – its hinged adjustment system that allows for both size and up/down adjustment while cradling the nape of the neck make sure of that, while 26 vents take care of the airflow and weighing in at a mere 220g you’ll quickly forget you’re wearing it. Bet that’s the secret to Team Sky’s success…

Price: £120, available from Kask.

[part title="Bontrager Circuit WSD"]


Trek’s inhouse component brand Bontrager knows a thing or two about designing good kit, having been in business since the early 80s, and the Circuit WSD doesn’t let the side down. One of the few helmets to be designed specifically for women, we’re a little unclear what exactly makes it just for women, but we’ll go along with the intention. Weighing 300g and featuring 21 vents to keep you fresh, fitting is easy with Bontrager’s QuickFit strap and wicking fit pads help further to keep the temperature down.

Price: £74.99, available from Bontrager.

Best Price: £59.99, available from Cycle Surgery.

[part title="Lazer Helium Helmet"]


A sleek offering from the oldest helmet producer in the world, the Lazer Helium has heritage and innovation on its side. Well, it’s got to do something to justify that hefty price tag! Innovation comes in the form of the fit, where the internal structure can be fitted exactly to the shape and size of your head – the adjustable band is only fitted to the helmet front and back, rather than the norm where the front and sides are a fixed shape and size and adjustment can only be made at the back. Weighing 260g and with 19 vents, it’s available in nine colourways.

Price: £187.00, available from Lazer.

[part title="POC Tempor Helmet"]


If you’re looking to shave not just seconds but minutes off your time, you’d be well advised to take a look at Swedish brand Poc’s Tempor TT helmet. It made its debut at the London 2012 Olympics and while may not have been enough to grab the gold (thank you, Sir Bradley), it’s certainly more than enough to turn heads and give you the feeling of having bought yourself a huge competitive edge!

Price: £310.00, available from POC Sports.

[part title=" LAS Victory Limited"]


If you want to keep riding year round, consider the LAS Victory Limited helmet, supplied with both winter and summer pads. For hot days, the high-end Italian lid provides excellent ventilation with 25 vents and internal channels, and weighs a feathery 260gm, plus there’s a removable washable one-piece liner/bug net. It’s easy to adjust the fit one-handed, and there’s 59mm of play to secure your size. It’s also supplied with a reflector kit – a nice touch.

Price: £137.99.

Best Price: £82.79, available from Halfords.

[part title="Bell Sweep"]


If you’re a roadie who enjoys the odd dalliance on to the trails, the Bell Sweep combines the best of both worlds with minimal compromise. Weighing 297g, it’s got 20 vents positioned for optimum airflow over your head. Fit is secured with Bell’s Twin Axis Gear fit system, adjusting circumferentially as well as horizontally, and the Sweep is topped off with an adjustable visor.

Price: £99.99, available from Madison

Best Price: £39.99, available from Evans Cycles.

[part title="Giro Savant"]


We won’t judge if you have to look twice at the price of the Giro Savant helmet. It’s packed full of features, weighs in at a lightweight 238g, and is just £60. Ventilation is of the wind tunnel variety, a good thing when you’re battling the hills in the baking sun, and Giro has poured in its 20 years of experience to making sure the fit is as realistic as possible, and as easy to adjust as possible too.

Price: £59.99, available from Madison

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