Young Couple Riding On The Tandem Bicycle

Ok, let's be honest. This TWC author is not the biggest fan of Valentine's day. It can be a bit of a bummer if you're not in a relationship, and the concept can turn totally reasonable people into crazed lunatics watching The Notebook on repeat.

I have identified, however, one decent reason to get excited about Valentine's day. Tandem Bicycles.

10 of the Best Women's Touring Bicycles for Every Budget

Tandem bicycles are amazing. You can hit incredible speeds, and they are a universal metaphor for the power of teamwork.

You need a buddy for tandems to work, whether that buddy is providing bedroom favours for you or not. And that, regardless of the time of year, is very much in the spirit of Total Women's Cycling. Dontcha think?

There are LOADS of custom tandems out there: your imagination is pretty much the limit. So if you've got the budget, we advise taking a look at local frame-builders in your area. The other option, if you really want something special, is to look for vintage tandems. Ebay is the perfect place!

co motion mocha

This is SUCH a bad-ass bike. The Co Motion Mocha has the look of an elongated cyclo-cross bike, and indeed it's intended for 'all terrain' riding.

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The 650b wheels are perfect for those of you keen on experimenting with adventure and touring tyres, while the disc brakes will keep your braking power high, even in wet weather. You'll love it so much, that you and your other half will want to ride off-road rather than to the cinema for your date.

viking derwent

This Viking Derwent has a little more of a sense of occasion about it – we love the more classic style, and the handy rack that makes this more suitable to touring around the romantic lands of, let's say, France? Oui oui....

dawes galaxy twin tandem

Another touring bike, the racked-up Dawes Galaxy Twin 2015 Tandem will ensure your ride across mountainous landscapes will be nothing but smooth.

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Disclaimer: Dawes cannot be held responsible if things get a little rocky, relationship-wise.

Bilenky custom tandem

Ok, so Bilenky isn't the most accessible bike shop in the world. It's in Philadelphia, for one thing. But they do make some of the world's finest tandem bicycles, with the Bilenky custom tandem pictured above being one of our favourites. Check out their website for inspiration, or to work out how you'll afford the shipping cost.

Dolan Tandem Road Bike

Dolan track bikes are great quality for the velodrome, and their tandem road bikes are no different.

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This Dolan Tandem Road Bike is surprisingly great for the thriftier couples out there, and will provide a more speedy and lightweight option for those wishing to actually lay down some speed on their next touring holiday.

Pedego Tandem Electric Step Thru Cruiser

We've featured the Pedego Tandem Electric Cruiser before, mainly because it's hilarious. It's a tandem, and a cruiser, AND an electric bicycle. It's also adorable. Can you imagine how bloomin' great this would be for an older couple? They could ride it to the nearest green space and cuddle each other on a park bench while watching the ducks. I'm getting carried away, aren't I?

claud butler touriste tandem

Cheap and cheerful, the Claud Butler Touriste Tandem 2015 is a great budget buy for those of you looking to take a touring holiday with your partner... but perhaps don't want to make too much of an investment. Commitment-o-phobes, rejoice!

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bamboo tandem bicycle club

This Bamboo Tandem is awesome. And it's perfect for loved-up couples, because you've got to put in some hard graft in order to get one. The tandem pictured was created as part of a Bamboo Bicycle Club workshop. Time to reserve two places for the 14th, right?

Santana Cabrio

Santana are a famous name in tandem bicycles and are synonymous with quality. We wanted to push the boat out a little and recommend the Santana Cambrio.

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Because here at TWC we do not discriminate against those who wish to involve more than two in their love life. Just be wary of the potential for arguments.

cannondale road tandem 2

Another road bike with proper performance potential, this Cannondale Road Tandem 2 2015 is perfect for athletic couples who don't wish for their proximity to each other to affect their record-breaking capabilities.

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Because when it comes to cycling, four legs good: two legs bad.