Nite rider 400

Nite Rider is a brand that produces practical, compact lights that range from more basic commuter lights right up to high performance off-road lights. The Nite Rider Lumina 400 falls somewhere in the middle of this range as a very good commuter light that will suffice if part of your commute is slightly off the beaten track.

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First and foremost I pretty much liked this light straight out of the box. It was gloriously simple, with no useless wires or fittings to puzzle out. Instead there were two mounting options – one for helmet, one for bike, one charging cable and that was it. A five hour stint plugged into my laptop and my brand spanking new light was good to go.

Waterproof you commute

A locking mode on the light was the most complicate thing to figure out but took me all of about two seconds to crack. And since then I have been very grateful of it as I have a tendency to knock my backpack here there and everywhere causing my light to turn on inside the pack resulting in an infuriating dead battery just when I come to use the light!

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When on the bike, the light feels super sturdy and it attached to the mount with a super simple slide and click system. The light itself has four modes – high, medium, low and walk. The latter is fairly weak but I find low is perfectly adequate for city streets while high will light up a country lane. If you hold down the button there is also a flashing mode.

In bad weather this light has also proved its worth, unperturbed by biblical rain and wind.

All in all this is a smashing light and well worth the £79.99 price tag.

The Stats:


1:30HR High- 400

3:00HR Med- 200

6:00HR Low- 125

21:00HR Walk- 30




5:00 HRS


172 Grams