Hands of real bicycle mechanic cleaning frame bike

If you can't quite stretch to an all-in-one cyclist's tool kit, you should still be able to do a vast array of maintenance jobs at home with a relatively lean set-up.

Cycling Emergencies: Roadside maintenance tips and advice

We've compiled this list of essentials, based on the most common bike problems that need fixing, so you know what should take priority when you go on your next internet shopping binge. Happy tinkering!

Lezyne Steel Floor Drive ABS Track Pump

Surely the most-used bit of bicycle maintenance kit in any household? A good track pump will make your life much easier on and off the bike: you'll be able to cycle to your full speed potential, and you'll faff around a lot less than if you were using a little hand pump.

Beginners: How to pump up your bicycle tyres

You can either buy one that works for the valve type you're currently rocking, or future-proof yourself with one that works with both Presta and Schrader valve types. There are lots of reasonably priced models out there: don't spend any more than about £40 unless you have a very good reason (the improvements in quality plateau after that price-point).

 PB Swiss Tools Rainbow Hex Key

Your multi tool does you proud, but for maintenance at home a good quality set of hex keys is a must. You can either go for a 'T' shaped handle, or a more traditional 'L' shape depending on your preference. Either way, you'll be able to complete awkward jobs quicker and easier than if you were making do with a mini tool.

10 of the Best Multi Tools

We're fans of the Park Tool PH1 P Handled Hex Wrench Set and the PB Swiss Tools Rainbow Hex Key set pictured above (it's much easier to remember the colour you normally use for a job than the size of the hex key), but there are plenty more affordable options out there too.

You'll also need a torx key set, because sticking to one system is too much for the cycling industry, obviously. Park Tool do a nice little one called the Park Tool Fold-Up Torx Wrench Set TWS2 that should get you by.

pedros tyre lever

A piece of plastic that makes removing a tyre an absolute breeze. These Pedros ones are currently £2.99. Do we need to say any more?

How to: Change an Inner Tube

Pop one in your saddle bag and one in your toolbox so you're never forced to use your thumbs. Unless it's for giving a gigantic thumbs up after you change a tube, obviously.

Park Tools Chain Brute Chain Tool

Breaking and mending your chain is a breeze with a chain tool, and you'll definitely be better off for having one in your tool box.

10 Things Every Cyclist Needs

This Park Tools Chain Brute Chain Tool is cheap, cheerful and does the job. Also consider a multi-tool with a chain breaker included, especially if you spend a lot of time mountain biking, to ensure you won't get caught out.

LifeLine Performance Spoke Wrench

Something like the LifeLine Performance Spoke Wrench is guaranteed to come in handy after you've heard that horrible pinging sound on your bike.

The 10 Most Important Things You Should Bring on a MTB Ride

A spoke breaking is hard to remedy even with the correct equipment, so make sure you have a spoke wrench to minimise trips to your local bike shop.

Birzman Cable and Housing Cutters

Cables will break. It's as predictable as death, taxes and just missing that red light.

How to: Use a Quick Release

Something along the lines of these Birzman Cable and Housing Cutters will ensure the smooth and relatively stress-free change over of cables, with minimum expenditure. They're of good build quality, yet hover between £10 and £15.

topeak-pedal-wrench-15mm-188094-1 copy

This Topeak pedal wrench is a good example of your final must have. Perhaps you're changing to clipless, or maybe you're taking your pedals off to get your bike to fit into a bike bag.

How to: Change your Pedals

For whatever reason, you'll need a pedal wrench. Or you'll need a hacked normal wrench (disclaimer: not worth it. Buy a pedal wrench).