It's far too early for April Fool's, and we're not really the pranking type here at TWC. It's true, the legendary US rock band, KISS, have actually teamed up with Sciacallo to brand up some limited edition carbon fibre wheel-sets.

Your buying guide to road bike wheels

Formed back in the 1970's, KISS are the masters of merchandising. You can get pretty much anything with a KISS logo brandished upon it, but we never thought we'd see it in elite cycling. I guess it makes sense, what better way to cool down after a heavy moshing than to go for a bike ride...


The 88mm aerodynamic, clincher, T-800 carbon fibre wheels are ideal for triathletes looking to go flat out. They're Powerway R36 straight pull Carbon hub shell with RED AL6061 aluminium bodies with the front having 2 propeller tight sealed bearings, and the rear having 4. Both wheels have bladed Sapim CX-Ray spokes, and a hell of a cool KISS decal set.

Available here for $1,200 USD/ £980


The brilliant red rear disc wheel is made from Toray T700 Carbon Fibre, 12K weave, light weight disc fits 10 or 11 speed Shimano cassettes (on DT350 hubs), and sports 2 different designs on each wheel. Heads will roll...

Available here for $1,800 USD / £1,470

The carbon fibre tri-spoke front wheel is full 12K carbon fibre weave, clincher and weighs a scant 1000 grams. Wheel size is 700 x 65mm.

Available here for $1000 USD / £815

Ok, while we may not understand the association between KISS and high-end bicycle components, we can't help but feel like we want a set. Rock on!

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