The day with all the mince pies, the Queen's speech and jingle bell hymns is getting closer - and though we've already rounded up the best gifts for roadies, mountain bikers and commuters, we know some of you might be looking for some little treats to pop under the tree.

The cycling industry certainly provides for such a need - with hundreds of cycling themed trinkets available.

Here are just a few of the quirky little gifts we'd love Santa to bring us on December 25...

Vulpine Socks - £20


Sometimes the cliches are the best - and we really think this applies when it comes to giving the gift of toasty feet! Vulpine have a range of options, all made from toasty warm Marino wool - but we do like this pair!

Lady Harberton 'My Bike Is Faster Than Your Car' T-Shirt - £31


Who doesn't like to show off their love of cycling when off the bike? We love this t-shirt from Lady Harberton - a relatively new French brand with some exciting and stylish offerings.

Read Bear Ladies Festive Jersey - £38


Ok, so this will probably only be worn once a year - but if you and your family or friends are going for a Christmas bike ride, isn't this festive jersey basically the best wardrobe choice (with arm warmers and a gilet!)?

Skins Recovery Compression Socks - £35

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 11.21.10

Ok - they're not so pretty! BUT these socks are carefully developed to aid blood flow, which helps to reduce DOMS - the nasty soreness you get after exercise. Since we expect you'll be putting your feet up and getting some probably much needed rest on Christmas day, these could be a good idea!

Rapha Merino Headband - £20

We tested this headband recently when we checked out Rapha's entire winter wardrobe - and we reckon it's seriously one of the best value for money items on offer. Toasty warm, it's a wide band that keeps its wearers ears and head warm. Cosy!


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