Bar tape is an awesome, customisable feature of the road bike, bringing comfort and style to your ride. Here is selection of eye-catching bar tape designs to give your road bike a unique touch...


Perforated pastel green Fizik Superlight Classic Handlebar Tape to add some light colour to your handlebars.


Start conversations with this graphical Cinelli Mike Giant Bar Tape.

bike ribbon blue

Deep-sea bars with this Blue Bike Ribbon Cork Bar Tape

bike ribbon black and white

We love this black and white Bike Ribbon Cork Bar Tape design - simple but eye-catching.


Multiple colours of Quella cork bar tape to choose from.


The plain navy Supacaz Cavendish super sticky Kush bar tape with subtle patterning and bright green dots!


This sugary sweet Selle Italia SMOOTAPE Corsa Gel Handlebar Tape in pink will certainly add character.


You can't go wrong with LifeLine Professional Bar Tape in classic black.


Bright orange Deda Mistral Bar Tape for a pop of colour.


Evoking bikes of old with this leather-looking Brooks Cambium Bar Tape

If you've got your new bar tape but have no idea how to change it, watch our helpful video on how to wrap it onto your handlebars.