Usually hidden, these reflective strips can be revealed to help keep you seen at night.

Water off a Duck’s Back have been squirrelling away over winter to produce a range of British made tailored waterproof coats and jackets to help you ride out the rain in style.

As the name suggests, Water Off a Duck’s Back make waterproofs specifically for cyclists. Although not a range of jackets you’d wear while racing, it’s nice to see outerwear designed for ‘urbanites’ wanting to stay dry, while looking good both on and off the bike.

Their jackets feature “hidden reflective elements that can be revealed to allow the wearer to be safe and visible, are tailored for cycling so arms can move freely and have specially placed big pockets" (to keep what in, we wonder?)

With last year’s headlines full of flooding and heavy rain, it seems unavoidable we’re in for more of the same this year so we'll have reviews up as soon as we have their jackets. A heads up though, you'll be able to purchase their new range as of tomorrow.