Vulpine introduces a long-awaited range of women's clothing. Adele Mitchell gets over excited.

We’ve waited with bated breath for the new womenswear collection from Vulpine, purveyors of lovely technical cycling apparel that you can wear in Shoreditch, the Shetland Isles and everywhere inbetween.

Last week on Twitter they released a few tantalising close ups of the delights in store. Now they’re released these ‘behind the scenes’ preview shots to make us even more impatient for their launch at the end of this month.

Swoon at the contrast zip! Drool over the design details! Visualise yourself hopping off your bike at the coffee shop and everyone saying ‘Ooh what a lovely top’ or pedalling along, snug in top-grade merino fabulousness and secure in the knowledge that you’re as stylish as it is possible to be on bike.

And there are women's shorts, jackets and trousers coming in June too.

Not long to go now.

More from Vulpine... eventually.