L'Eroica, the vintage sportive in Tuscany, is a celebration of road cycling - and directly translating to 'the heroic' it celebrates its riders as well as the rolling hills and steel companions they complete the routes on.

This year, our writer Lorena Jones took part in the Italian partito, having been invited by Brooks, and found not only new roads, but a new appreciation of what cycling can provide a person - concluding: "As the sun fell over the horizon I made my way through the last few kilometres of the ride glowing with happiness having discovered ‘the beauty of fatigue and the taste of accomplishment’".

Everyone dresses in vintage clothing at L'Eroica - here are just a few of the most impressive ensembles Lorena spotted along the way:

The rolling hills
Some riders tried 'alternative measures' to protect themselves from the rain.
Great idea until the sun came out and they could hardly pedal they were cooking so much ... Apparently they had strapped themselves in so well they couldn't take them off!!
retro car 1
Tine Willems, 33 from Belgium. Her shoes were 3 euros from second hand shop in Belgium and her jersey 10 euros.

Read Lorena's account of L'Eroica here.