“Dream Winter Tights with Princess Seat Pad": with a name like that I think we can safely assume that these tights are designed for women!

The Dream Winter tights have a fleecy lining, which makes them very cosy indeed. I feared they’d make me too hot on a strenuous ride but actually they didn’t despite a few big hills.

They are very soft and stretchy and the greatest compliment I can pay these tights is that once on I forgot about them: they’re that comfortable! The test tights sent through were a small and I'm usually a size 10, so they were true to size.

I really liked the styling too: the leg length is good (I’m 5’ 9"), the waist is high enough to cover your lower back, and the tights are cut to allow extra stretch around the hips.

They’re really well made with lots of design details that stop them from being just another pair of black winter tights, including red stripes at the knee, white ankle and waist panels, well -fitted ankle zips with reflective detail and silicone at the hem to keep the tights in place.


In my experience though, it is usually the ankle zips that fail first on full-length tights: only time will tell if these are up to the job! But, overall they've done their job well enough to date.

The pad fits snugly and offers plenty of comfort – you could ride for hours on it. It’s quite clearly designed to work in harmony with female anatomy and does the job well; no ridges, creases or unexplained discomfort anywhere.

The tights have a lovely soft silky feel however if you’re mountain biking be aware that they have a tendency to slip and slide on the seat when you move, which takes a bit of getting used to.


Not just your average pair of cycling tights; well-thought through both in terms of comfort and styling, a great all-round purchase.


- Fleece-lined, warm tights that are breathable too

- Good leg length

- Comfortable chamois pad


- Silky outer texture can lead to sliding around on saddle

Sizes available: XS - XXL

Colour options: Black/White trim, All Black, and Black/Pink trim

Price: RRP £75 (we've found for £56.25)

More information: Sportful

What Sportful say about the Ladies Dream Waist Tights

Designed for those who want an extremely versatile garment that provides great freedom of movement in addition to warmth.

The princess pad:

Softness and comfort on every ride. Our women’s specific shape has been designed to cushion in just the right places and the seamless construction eliminates irritation. Perfect for long training rides when comfort is a priority.