Road cycling socks are not just about aiding circulation, providing padding, or their wicking properties.

[related_articles]Searching 'cycling sock cuff length' will reveal that the length of cuff can apparently tell you which cyclists are really 'pro', who is a 'newbie' and who is a triathlete. That - and that some people should spend less time organising their cycling draws and more time riding their bikes.

Sock choice in fact, is apparently SO important, that the UCI even have a rule regarding cuff length, stating: "Socks must be no higher than the mid-point between the ankle and the knee."

We took a look at some of the socks of the pro peloton to see what we should be emulating...

The A-Z of Road Cycling

Pepper Palace p/b The Happy Tooth

The Pepper Palace p/b The Happy Tooth team have opted for a fiery red overshoe and red tops on white when it comes to socks.

Because everyone knows adding red to kit automatically provides the rider with an extra 20 watts of power.


We're mostly looking at teams but Hannah Barnes' co-ordinated socks throughout the series Matrix GP Team Series clearly deserve a mention and were a sign that she had the 2014 series all joined up...


Matrix Fitness have taken the mint green stripes wand to all of their kit - though Laura Trott has a special pair of matching National Champion stripes.

Elena Cecchini (ITA)
The Lotto Soudal girls have gone red, white and green - and obviously something's working out well here for Italian rider Elena Cecchini at the Elsy Jacobs Festival.
optium kelly

For Optum Kelly, it's all about the fluoro - we're not sure how well it matches but you certainly won't miss the Mavic with these!

Feminine Cycling Team

The ladies on German UCI Team Feminine Cycling Team show that pink can be pretty fierce on fast feet.


Rochelle Gilmore's 'High5 Dream Team' girls have gone for a novel approach with these co-ordinated non-matching red and white tops...


We're pretty cross eyed over this criss-cross design on the ankles of the women in American team ISCorp Cycling p/b Smart Choice MRI


Ok, so not strictly a pro team, but the girls at London based Les Filles RT are pretty damn cool and seriously know how to co-ordinate. Follow them at Twitter for more 'I only came for the cake' racing action!

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