This Giro Bib Short is a game changer, solving the dreaded toilet issue

We have all been there - the dreaded toilet situation when you are wearing bib-shorts. Bad enough when there is a bathroom to go to but even worse when you are caught short in the middle of nowhere and forced to strip down in the bushes!

The Joys and Pitfalls of Bib Shorts

But we have some amazing news. This problem has finally been solved. Giro has created a game changer when it comes to bib shorts. Unlike other brands who have attempted to solve the problem with fiddly zips, Giro has created a halter neck bib short that slips easily on and off underneath your jersey (without having to take it off).

The brand has used high quality lycra and a high performance chamois to ensure comfort while additional features such as a back pocket while the cut is super flattering.

The halter neck has also been designed with comfort in mind. The loop around your neck is super soft and rather than creating neck strain at this point, the short is supported mainly by your torso, much like a corset (but not as restricting don't worry).

Elsewhere the mesh body looks like it will provide superb breathability and comfort.

Hats off to Giro, this product could really be a game-changer in the bib-short market.

Available in mid February.

RRP: Approx £120