We think it's safe to say that TWC are bonkers about bicycles.

We've had a good hunt around for cycling themed jerseys, so like us, you can also share your love around for bikes, wherever you are!

Unfortunately, some of these jerseys are men's, but we just couldn't leave them out!

Here's what we found...

  1. Primal Los Muertos Cycling Jersey: £49.99 from Primal.
  2. Santini Cycle Surgery Jersey: £44.99 from CycleSurgery.
  3. Sugoi Handlebar Jersey: £39.99 from Probikekit.
  4. Maloja Nabla Jersey: £76.99 from CycleSurgery.
  5. Sugoi Helmet Head Jersey: £70 from Sugoi.
  6. Milltag Chaingang Jersey: £38.50 from Wiggle.
  7. Santini Tour Down Under: £51.99 from Probikekit.

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