Bikes are wonders of engineering and efficient transport machines, but do you ever wish they looked a bit more fun, funky and – well – you?

We bring you six of the best ways to decorate your bike. You can express your style, have some fun and get crafty! The perfect project for a wet weekend.

bike style decorations

1. Knit your own bike seat cover

bike knit ed sml_edited-1

Put your craft skills to good use with something practical and fun. This knit kit has everything you need to make your own knitted saddle cover – with wool, knitting needles and instructions.

NPW Bike Seat Cover Knit Kit, £7.95. Available from NPW.

2. Sticker up your bike

Paint job stickers ed sml_edited-1

Cheaper and less permanent than bringing out the paints, bike stickers are a quick way to brighten up your bike. With themed multipacks, and everything from flowers to polka-dots, you could really have a lot of fun with these. Go as subtle or as loud as you like!

NPW Bike Stickers, from £2.50. Range includes vintage, road and urban. Available from The Pod Company.

NPW Paint Job Stickers, from £3.95. Range includes chevrons, flowers and polka-dots. Available from Bikelands.

3. Add a decoration that doubles as storage

reel elastic ed sml_edited-1

How about a decoration that's also a useful way of carrying bits and pieces. This genius invention – essentially coloured elastic tape woven through the bike frame – means you can stash bits and pieces on your bike when out and about.

REEL by Yeongkeun. Not currently available in the UK.

4. Add some designer style

vektor collage

Vektor CMY Cycling Accessory, £10. Available from the Southbank Centre shop.

5. Bike Streamers

handlebar streamers ed sml_edited-1

Nothing brings to mind 70’s style summers than riding through parks in the sunshine, the wind in your face and handlebar streamers floating out beside you. You can get really crafty with this one and make your own as you only need a few bits and pieces like ribbon and glue. There is a great how-to guide from Rookie Mag.

If you’d prefer not to get glue all over your fingers, there are lots of options online particularly if you like the shiny metallic ones.

Raleigh Handlebar Streamers, £5.69. Available from J.E. James Cycles

6. Colourful chains

YBN Chain ed sml_edited-1

If you have a single speed bike there are lots of customisation options, like changing the handlebar grips, pedals, and chain rings. One of the easiest is changing the chain. Red, blue, green, white – what to choose?!

YBN Anti-drop chain. £15. Available from Bikelands