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Swedish brand Craft, founded in 1977, have been spending big over the past couple of years in the development stages of their kit. We've been sent some of their cycling gear to see whether they have invested their money wisely.


Craft not only cater for cyclists, they also have ranges for the runners and skiers among us. All of their clothing is based around the Craft Principle - a simple three layer approach to optimum performance.


Perhaps best known for their base layers, or as Craft call it 'layer one', they also manufacture insulation (two) and protection (three) layers, covering all the products you would expect for road cyclists; from socks to bib shorts, right through to helmet liners and gloves.

We're providing a first look into their clothing range for the uninitiated to the brand. Click through and see if there's anything you fancy from this technical, affordable collection.

[part title='Craft Womens Active Bike Rain Jacket']


From Craft's Layer 3 bike range, the 100% polyester AB rain jacket is designed to keep the water out, while being breathable at the same time. To aid ventilation, the whole interior of the jacket, including arms is lined with mesh, there's a vent across the back in between the shoulder blades and zipped openings just in front of both armpits - we'll see just how much these features help wick the sweat away when we test the jacket in the saddle!

There's one large long pocket that sits very low on the rear of the jacket, other than that there are no pockets to speak of. The cuffs and jacket hem are finished off with elastic banding to keep the wind out. Other nice touches include a fleece lined inner collar, full length zipper with external flap to again keep the breeze from penetrating the zip.

Overall it's a relatively loose fitting lightweight jacket, and it's now off to go and be tested with our other waterproof jackets.

Size available: XS – XL

Price: £51 (RRP £60)

Colour options: Yellow/Grey (pictured)

More information: Craft

[part title='Craft Womens Active Bike Classic Jersey']


The first noticeable feature about this jersey is the length. From top of the collar down to the hem at the back, the jersey is 71cm (28 inches) long, offering great coverage of the derriere.

Craft's women's AB Classic jersey is packed with features designed to make your ride more comfortable. First up is a material garage on the collar at the top of the half length zip, to prevent chafing.

Moving down the 100% Polyester jersey, the three rear pockets are deep enough to carry your biking bits and bobs, including a fourth zip up pouch on the centre pocket for your valuables. Inside the centre pocket is a small opening to thread your headphones, if you so wish.

At the bottom, there's no elastic round the waist band, and it hasn't got any silicone grippers, it just skims the hips without hugging.

Size available: XS – XL

Price: £24 (RRP £35)

Colour options: Black/red/white, pink/pale pink/white, Purple/lime/white (pictured)

More information: Craft

[part title='Craft Womens Performance Waist Shorts']


On first inspection we were slightly alarmed at the stiffness and width of the chamois pad in the Women's Performance waist shorts. When we wore them for the first time, the pad did end up being quite inflexible and noticeable when walking, but we'll report our full findings when we review them properly - we may be surprised by its effectiveness in the saddle.

Another noticeable feature of the Craft shorts is the waist band as it sits quite low on the front, well below the belly button. Although this stops it digging in and creating a muffin top, it made us feel quite conscious that our tummy may show if wearing a relatively short jersey.

Overall, the size small fits tightly on our UK size 10 model, so if you don't like the compressive feel - you may want to go up a size. On the leg, the hem is formed from an elastic band with silicone dot grippers in the Craft logo pattern which felt as though it won't ride up while riding - however again, we'll report more on this when we test them properly.

Size available: XS – XL

Price: £60 (RRP £70)

Colour options: Black/white stitching

More information: Craft

[part title='Craft Womens Performance Bib Shorts']


The chamois pad is identical on Craft's women's performance bib shorts as in the shorts. We've spotted a small logo 'button' at the front of the pad that we're worried may catch while riding, we're unsure as to why this has been included.

Again, as with the shorts, the bibs are tight fitting - we struggled to get into these, but once on they offered compressive properties that aim to support our muscles as we cycle.

The straps are standard bib straps, made from mesh fabric to aid breathability - although tight when stood up straight, when we sat in the saddle briefly they loosened off and were not restrictive.

Available in any colour as-long-as-you-like black, we will see how the Craft bib shorts fair in test. At the affordable end of the budget, if the chamois pad is comfortable, we think these will be a good staple bib as we like the tight fitting, compressive qualities.

Size available: XS – XL

Price: £48 (RRP £70)

Colour options: Black/white stitching

More information: Craft