Brynje Baselayers

Baselayers from Bryne (pronounced brun-ya) are popular in Scandinavia, however it's a relatively obscure brand in the UK. Thanks to Sussex based Nordic Life, the sole distributor of Brynje, we've got a couple of the beauties on our desks ready to test. Before we do - here are my first impressions:

  • They look like string vests. There's no getting away from it, wear one of these Bryne baselayers and you'll be channelling your inner Rab C. Nesbitt.
  • Both baselayers harness the same simple but effective mesh design. The secret to the high performance of Brynje mesh clothing is that it draws excess moisture away from the skin while maintaining a warm regulated cushion of air next to the body in the gaps of the material.
  • The black super thermo baselayer helps protect you from the wind, with a lightweight shell-like front cover. We'll see how this works combatting the wind on fast descents.
  • Both baselayers are incredibly light and super soft to the touch. There's nothing worse than a scratchy baselayer to distract you from a ride, so we can't wait to get testing.
  • Brynje is a brand with an incredible history. Many famous adventurers and cyclists throughout the years have been wearing Brynje baselayers, so they must be doing something right!

Price: £32 - £49

Available in sizes XS-XL

Stockist: Nordic Life