Oversocks are great for spring and autumn rides - they slip over your cycling shoes and provide a little protection from the wind, without being heavy duty layers such as the overshoes you might wear over winter.


Aerodynamic oversocks can also be used to cut down on wind resistance during races where you don't expect much shelter in the group - such as during time trials. They're also a firm favourite among fashion conscious racers, who want to keep their shoes pristine!

As well as oversocks which provide full cover, you can also opt for toe covers, which sit over the front of your shoes, giving those vulnerable little toes the protection they need.

We had a look for some of the best pairs available - here they are...


These dayglo babies from DeFeet are available in flouro orange, and flouro pink. We know some readers are in the 'pink stinks' camp, but we can't help but love the pink ones!

These oversocks, at £13.99, are more resilient than the age old method of just stretching socks over shoes, and they will keep your feet warm, as well as being more aerodynamic than knobbly shoes if you're racing.

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These Shimano oversocks are on sale, at £5.99 in both black and white, if the 'small' size will fit your feet.

Stretchy and seamless, these are made from 85% polymide and 15% elastane, and they're designed for 'intensive bicycle usage' - so we reckon that means they should be durable enough to last a season or two, if you wash your whites together!


Another value option on our list, these are just £6.99 and available from size 5 to 11.5.

The primary material used is polypropylene, for its resistance to tears, and these provide a nice layer of warmth against the wind. Reinforced white material around the cleats and heel openings should keep these going for a while, though no oversock is likely to be hugely long lasting.


SealSkinz are renowned for their amazing waterproof socks and gloves, and they don't disappoint with these oversocks, that will keep your feet dry in April showers, as well as warm.

Super stretchy material means these will slip over your shoes easily, and the Polyester/cotton mix is designed specifically to avoid the socks sticking to velco on your shoes straps (clever!).

At £17.50 these are a great option for the shoulder seasons, or for warm blooded riders to wear all year round.

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Designed to help you 'protect your favourite race shoes like the pros', these Mavic booties are bliss to wear, offering a snuggly layer of warmth, aerodynamics, and, as promised, keeping your shoes at their best.

A firm favourite in the cycling world, these are inexpensive at £12.99, and come in 'Mavic Yellow', a great commuter option, and black, for those after a more understated look.


We do love Castelli's naming conventions - super stylish, tailored, targeted kit, with the vaguest name possible - but what else can you call a 'thingy'?

These 'thingies', at £14.99, are both wind and waterproof, and they can be worn alone in moderate conditions, as well as doubling up as an extra layer underneath full overshoes in winter.

They're made from wetsuit material, Neoprene, and if you're a weight weenie, super light at 58g.


Available in two sizes - 1 and 2 - and two colours, black and white, or white and black, these ASSOS offerings stick with their conventional simple, effective design ethos.

30% elastane is used, with 70% polymide, so a good stretch and tight fit is guaranteed, and a double cuff and abrasion resistant material provides durability.

These require you to cut your own cleat holes, but a guide is provided, and they cost £17.99.


When we mentioned aerodynamics - this was the kind of thing we were talking about. Yes, they look a bit like disco shoes - but if you're interested, these could save you 30 seconds over a 25 mile time trial (compared to no overshoes).

These Nano shoe covers provide protection from cold and road spray, but they aren't all that durable - so they won't last if you wear them day to day (but seriously - commuting in SPACE SHOES would be awesome!).

Castelli are also having a mega clearance - these are just £16, reduced from £40. However, if you're willing to spend more, you can get a more understated look, and 5 years worth of research, in these £45 Castelli Aero Race Shoecovers.

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