best arm and leg warmers for cyclists

Arm and leg warmers are probably the most useful addition you can make to your cycling wardrobe during the cooler months.

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They're great little helpers that work to keep your extremities nice and snug on a ride. Cheap to buy and and light enough to pack into a jersey pocket, they're small pieces of kit that that make a big difference to your ride.

Arm and leg warmers are the ultimate product for unpredictable weather and they make getting out the door in chilly morning much easier. If you warm up so that you don't need them anymore, you can just roll them off and pack them into your pocket.

Finally - these handy little tubes give you the flexibility of being able to wear a short sleeved jersey and bib shorts even when there's a chill in the air - prolonging the life of your summer kit into autumn and spring.

Flick through to get to grips with the best arm and leg warmers for cyclists...

best arm and leg warmers

The Flashlight collection from dhb is all about being seen on the bike, and these flouro babies are hard to miss!

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Made with super lightweight, breathable material these use silicone grippers to keep them in place and offer a reflective logo.

Price: £18, available from dhb.

best arm and leg warmers for cyclists morvelo paint stormshield

The Morvelo Stormsheild Arm Warmers are designed to protect your arms from the cold and rain on a ride.

Made from the nifty water repellent and windproof Thermal Roubaix fabric, the warmers will keep you as snug as a bug on your ride. They'll also do all the work to wick away your sweat...

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With a great looking design, we think these are the perfect arm warmers to add a splash of style to a plain jersey.

Price: £30.00, available from Morvelo.

best arm and leg warmers for cyclists rapha

Rapha's Arm Warmers work to regulate your body temperature on a ride, so whether you're arms are feeling a bit nippy or a little too stuffy, they will sort it out in no time.

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Made from durable and breathable Italian Roubaix fabric with a fleecey feeling to them, we love the classic Rapha monochrome reflective strip design on them. Simple but stylish.

Price: £30.00, available from Rapha.

best arm and leg warmers for cyclists cafe du cycliste

If you're looking for an arm warmer that can work with most of the cycling jerseys in your wardrobe then these should be perfect!

With a minimal but tasteful design to them, you can stay safe and seen on the roads thanks to their added reflective lines along the contours of the arms.

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These warmers have a great fit to them, with a left and right specific warmer and have been made with super soft Roubaix fabric for a snug feel with great moisture wicking qualities.

Price: £33.00, available from VeloVixen.

best arm and leg warmers for cyclists giro merino

Made for riding in throughout the entire year, whatever the season, the Giro Merino Arm warmers are the softest feeling arm warmer on the market.

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Using stretchy Merino wool, the arm warmers will helping your body to get warmer on a ride. Not only that, they dry quickly and don't hold whiffs thanks to the choice of fabric. Giro have used a seamless construction on them - so expect no nasty itching or chafing here.

Available in black and white, we can't help but think how dirty the latter would get (especially with Merino wool)!

Price: £22.49 (RRP £22.99), available from CycleStore.

best arm and leg warmers madison leg warmer

When we set out to search for knee and leg warmers that wouldn't give women 'muffin leg' or 'sausage leg' - these warmers came out top.

These warmers offer a wide silicone gripper along the top, which means they stay put, without creating a nasty 'groove' in your leg.

They're lightly lined, but being knee warmers are ideal on rides where you want a little bit of skin on show to help keep your temperature just right. They are available in a leg warmer, too - which will be more suitable come winter-proper.

Price: £19.99, available from Madison.

best arm and leg warmers assos leg warmer

Another pair of leg warmers that did really well in our group test was Assos' EV07 leg warmers. These are real, deep winter leg warmers (or just great for people who really feel the cold).

These leg warmers utilise a completely different design to pretty much any other leg warmers (and yes, that's definitely reflected in the price). Instead of having a silicone gripper at the top, Assos have a long flap that comes all the way up to your bum cheek...

Screen Shot 2016-09-27 at 09.21.49

This allows you to effectively turn your summer shorts into full on winter bibs. The material is thick and fleece lined - they won't roll easily into your pocket on a ride, but they will keep you warm.

Price: £90, from Assos

best arm and leg warmers endura leg warmer

Endura's Thermolite Full Zipped leg warmers are the ultimate product for keeping your legs toasty. Made with high performance Repel Teflon fabric protector, they're able to hold the heat in even when wet.

Complete with a soft fleecy lining and full length zips, they're super easy to pop on, even over shoes. They're made from a tough fabric, too - so you can expect these to last the test of time (or at least a couple of winter seasons).

Price: £28.49 (RRP £29.99), available from Evans Cycles.

best arm and leg warmers sportful leg warmer

The Sportful NoRain leg warmers surprisingly enough help to keep the rain OUT! With super water repellent qualities, they're ideal for long rides in all types of cold weather.

Designed to be super breathable, and tested by pro teams, these are probably the best choice for someone who wants to ride hard in the rain. They won't be the warmest of warmers in this bunch.

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Complete with no irritating inner seam for extra comfort when you move, the fabric stores all your warmth to keep you snug, as well as enabling your skin to breathe on the bike.

Price: £35, available from Sportful.

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